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Army JROTC Drill Championships
SOP Updates Page

Below are the event rule updates/modifications that have been made to date.

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1) 10 September, 2017:
SOP Updates site established, Official Event Invite, SOP, score sheets posted
The SOP Update site is established and ready for modifications/clarifications/changes to be posted here. Event scoresheets and the SOP are posted. Floor diagrams and many other documents will be added in the coming months. Please check back often to be most prepared for this event.

2) 08 January, 2018:
Unit Inspection Entry/Exit Paths Flipped
SNI has flipped the in and out doors in BOTH inspection areas. They were just wrong and this will allow a smoother entrance and departure from the floor. In the corrected diagrams, the cadets will enter in the same back of the room point but will come towards the judge on his/her right. When completed, the unit will right face and then column of files right out the door in the back LEFT of the room. The diagram is located on the PaperworkHQ section of the Army Nationals website.

3) 15 February, 2018:
Allowed Color Guard Accesories Itemized
This update is provided to SPECIFICALLY authorize all competing color guards the ability if they wish to maintain white gloves, white pistol belts, white rifle slings, and/or even white rifles themselves. In AR 670-1 para 2-6(e)(1) allows this and therefore we will allow it. IN FACT, the manual makes no reference to JUST THE COLOR WHITE. Therefore, any/all colors within good military taste (certainly the most common of OD green, white, black and blue) would be acceptable and may be used without penalty. Teams are STILL CAUTIONED they may NOT wear chrome helmets, fanny pouches and other unauthorized additions to the uniform.

3) 10 March, 2018:
Clarification on Starting Draw Procedures
This update is provided to clarify the startiong draw matrix for the Army Nationals. Asd Brigades do not supply SNI with any "ranking" info, top finishing schools returning to the event the following year will continue to be bunched together while still using the blind draw technique and the staggered start to ensure every school gets an early event, a few middle events, and a late event. With a conmpetition field this large with over 90 teams entered, USACC and SNI believe this maintains a solid balance of fairness to provide all teams a fair shot at gaining the overall championship while recognizing and rewarding previous year excellence to earn a more premium draw slot.

5) 28 March, 2018:
Looking at the judges diagram, you will notice that EVERY EVENT now maintains a fixed head judge position. HOWEVER, THE SOP STILL MAINTAINS A LINE STATING TEAMS CAN PLACE THE JUDGE WHERE THEY WISH FOR REPORT IN & REPORT OUT. Because of this contradiction and the lateness of this being spotted, for fairness SNI will allow all schools at the 2018 competition to place the judge where they wish for either/both report in & out. Rest assured in 2019, this will be corrected and judge positions will be fixed.

4) 08 December, 2016:
Exhibition Area "Hot Shoe" in use
The Army Nationals will utilize a "hot shoe" approach for team competition in exhibition drill at the upcoming. This will mitigate downtime and make better use of the limited floor space available for the event. The hot show entry approach will allow the rotation of ARMED TEAM and UNARMED TEAM exhibition drill one after the other throughout the day. Two sets of judges make this very effective. While the team is performing on the floor, the next team is loaded into the ready area. The Head Judge will greet the Cadet Commander, gain appropriate initials on his score sheets to ensure the team acknowledges they are the team about to be scored, and answer any questions. The team will then be told to "get ready, as the team is marching off the floor, I will command your school to enter - you will immediately enter at that time>". As stated, after the verbal report out of the performing team, the team on the floor will face and march towards the exit. The scoring judges will STEP OFF THE FLOOR and begin their scoring. The judges for the team in the ready area will take the floor and the Head Judge will IMMEDIATELY and WITHOUT DELAY (just as the last performing cadet leaves the floor!) call for the team to enter. The team in the ready area will come to attention and enter without delay. This will be repeated throughout the day in a tight fashion. Plans are for this competition area to be STREAMED on the drillnation.net website! This will allow all teams to be shown "back home" with no downtime.

5) 08 December, 2016:
Looking at the judges diagram, you will notice that EVERY EVENT now maintains a fixed head judge position. This position is against the boundary at the midpoint of the boundary in every event. This is done to ensure a standard is set in each area that all teams must meet and to reduce the chit-chat between teams and judges before the performance and review. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT SNI TO ASK IF YOU CAN enter in a different location or if you can Report-in to a different place. All teams will report into the same location and enter/exit through the same location in every area.

5) 08 March, 2017:
SNI knows that space will be at a premium this year. While this venue is large, there are NUMEROUS other competitions going on in other parts of the venue that are impacting our ability to host the event in the manner we have been accustomed. BUT some good news. The venue had several large rooms that were being jockeyed for "held" by others that and have just become available. This will expand our ability to use more rooms and make MORE space for both competition and moving around much better. It gives us two sizable male and female dressing rooms. WHAT SPECIFICALLY DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? The drill areas have changed locations. ALL DRILL AREAS HAVE REMAINED THE SAME EXCEPT ARMED AND UNARMED REGULATION DRILL WHICH ARE NOW 77' X 65' (PREVIOUSLY 72'). All entry/exits are now 15' for Regulation, Color Guard, Exhibition. The updated diagrams are mailing to schools on 09 March and the new diagram is now posted on-line on the Army Nationals Paperwork HQ event website.

Thank you, good luck and safe travel to all attendees!

Justin Gates, Competition Director

Sports Network International

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