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Explaining the Structure and Level of Supervision at the NDC
Detailed Breakout of the Attendee Conduct Expected at the NDC
Details on How You Can Sponsor the Camp or Provide Funds for a Specific Cadet Directly with the NDC
Full Details on the MANY Frequently Asked Questions we Get at the NDC
The Listing of What to Bring and NOT to Bring to the NDC

What is the Deadline to Register to Attend the NDC?
While much of the payment materials reflect a mid-May payment deadline, we will accept motivated cadets as late as two weeks prior if the space remain open at a camp. If you are interested, call and see if we can get you in - the experience will change your life!

How old do I need to be to attend the Nationals Drill Camp?
Previously, students who were entering high school in the year of the drill camp met the minimum age requirement. However, in recent years, motivated middle school students and younger military school cadets have been accepted after speaking with them due to their focus and determination to have fun and learn. Students who have just graduated from high school in the months just PRIOR to the drill camp are also eligible (yes, GRADUATED SENIORS can have one last drill HURRAH!). We have made exceptions in the past and will continue to make exceptions on the younger side for Military Academies and Middle School drill programs as these cadets are highly motivated and mentally advanced. However, we do NOT make exceptions on the upper end of the age spectrum. Those that are older CAN come back and attend as an instructor in some circumstances - just ask the SNIYF staff for details!

Do I have to be a JROTC cadet to attend the Nationals Drill Camp?
No, attending drillers may be JROTC, Civil Air Patrol, Young Marines, Naval Sea Cadets, Army Cadet Corps and/or other-related programs. Also, attendees may have no affiliation to these programs but have a deep, profound love of drill. This is all that is required to attend this camp, so long as the attendee meets the age requirements outlined for the camp. This applies to overseas students who wish to attend as well.

I looked at another "drill" camp but they required a minimum GPA to attend? What about your camp?
IN a word, NO! The NDC wants to have people attend with a passion for learning drill, leadership and related items. The minimum GPA requirement is likely because the other camp is held as a recruiting arm for the host university. THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT THE NATIONALS DRILL CAMP. The camp is held during the Summer and is not affected by scholastic requirements in any way. While we love the host university for the NDC and cadets may take home information or even decide to take a campus tour while attending the NDC, the university maintains no influence regarding which cadets may be allowed to attend the Nationals Drill Camp.

I've never drilled before but want to enter JROTC next year - can I attend?
Absolutely. One, about 20% of the attending cadets have never spun a rifle with any great success before attending the camp. Many others have never even attempted some of the Unarmed Exhibition drill we will teach them. Many other cadets are modestly talented and a few are exceptionally skilled. We have cadets with all types of backgrounds and skill levels at the Nationals Drill Camp

What are the costs to Attend?
All of the costs are completely outlined within the NDC Package Cost Outlines. This document provides the general registration information, refund policies, and both the CADET and JROTC INSTRUCTOR cost sheets.

These fees are complete - there are NO other additional or hidden costs.

What payment methods do you accept?
Payment is made by check or credit card, your choice. Registration is done by downloading, completing and submitting by faxing/mail/email the Camp Registration Form for Cadets or Instructors and then calling the SNIYF to use any major credit card or by mailing a check to Sports Network International at the Daytona Beach, Florida address found here in the contact information form.

I want to attend the camp, but need help arranging transportation to & from the camp?
This is the most common question! The Nationals Drill Camp devotes an entire segment of the website to transportation issues. These include getting to the camp, as well as getting from the nearest airport(s) to the camp. Please go to the Nationals Drill Camp site and look for this information in great detail.

How Specifically Does Chaperoning Work at the NDC?
We have 12 to 14 cadets in every platoon. This Platoon is led by a high school graduate young adult. They are known as Platoon Leaders. We also have between 5-8 Cadre/Instructors who are primarily active JROTC instructors here to teach and supervise at all times. Also, we have three SNI staff personnel attending that are on-site the entire time. During the day while cadets are actively engaged in training, the cadre, the SNI staff and the platoon leaders provide the supervision at all times. Constant supervision and we drum beat into any cadets with an issue to please go to their Platoon leader first for support, and if they do not get what they need right away, the cadre and the SNI staff have an open door policy 24 hours per day and they are WELCOME.

We stay in a Corps of Cadets residence hall on the campus of Texas A&M University. This housing area, otherwise known as "the Quad". This is directly near where we train. The dorm has four floors. The ground floor is for adult instructors and some cadre, the 3rd and 4th floor are filled with males (and male chaperones). The 2nd floor is the female floor (with female chaperones). We have two doors and stairways leading "up and down stairs". Standing orders are that males move directly and without pause from the ground floor to their 3rd and 4th floor on the NORTH stairs. Females move directly and without pause from the ground floor to the 2nd floor on the SOUTH stairs.

Our female staff members and platoon leaders stay on the female floor with the 28 or so females that attend giving us a 7 to 1 ratio of supervision on the floor (putting us in the top 2% of overnight camps held throughout the Summer). Our 70 or so males will have 5 male Platoon Leaders, one SNI staff member and two Cadre staying on their floor. About a 9 to 1 ratio putting us in the top 5%.

Bed check/hygiene check is done every night to ensure any blisters, cuts or other items get the attention they deserve before hitting the racks AND OF COURSE TO LAY EYES ON AS THEY GO INTO THE ROOMS. Multiple bathrooms are located on each floor so leaving the floor is NEVER needed. After a tight 6-1/2 to 7 hours of sleep, rooms of two cadets each come down in the morning together - no cadets travel alone ever whether it is bathroom use during the day or moving to formation in the morning.

1) being off your floor after lights out (only happened once in 11 years, cadet was bused home the next morning).
2) having drugs or other contraband in their possession (never happened)
3) Leaving campus or the general training area at any time during the day. (never happened)

This is not a boot camp and we do not post guards or fire watch. The cadets that are here are not discipline cases and therefore, we provide them with the rules and they are generally followed to the letter. We treat these kids like they are our own, good and bad. Every Platoon Leader, Cadre and SNI Staff have a full background check annually. The camp began in 2007. The average experience working at our camp for Cadre and SNI Staff is 10 years (so most have worked every year since the inception). The Platoon Leaders average between new this year and 5 years. All are extremely responsible and fully vetted or they would not be selected in these very sought after positions.

Do you accept NDC attendees from countries outside of the United States?
While JROTC is primarily a United States activity, it is conceivable that military bases abroad or other drill cadets from other countries could look to attend. We have been privileged to host cadets from as far away as Germany! All cadets would be welcome so long as they had the drill background and the thirst for drill knowledge that is the focal points of the Nationals Drill Camp. However, we do not foresee many non-U.S. countries supplying attendees if at all because it is not a market we are planning to advertise within.

What safety precautions are in place at the NDC?
Our senior staff members are all parents and take their positions as "week-long parents" very seriously. We are extremely safety conscious. We are perfectionists who oversee every aspect of camp personally. After running youth events now for over 35 consecutive years, our senior staff know how to host an exciting and safe experience. We will be on-site all day long with the campers, the cadre and the instructors, managing what goes on. We sleep in the dorms with them and they know early on we will be there for them 24 hours per day. We will know your child and he/she will know us.

The cadre who will be directly in contact with your cadets all go through a rigorous hiring process including reference checking and extensive background checks. Only those individuals with extensive drill backgrounds and who maintain the highest moral character and strong desire to teach will be interacting with the cadets. The staff maintains a full training period prior to the campers' arrival. This is one of the items that we receive the HIGHEST marks on by cadets and parents!

The senior staff, cadre and instructors are all extremely personable and approachable. Despite this camp's relatively loose design as a military environment, this in no way is any type of recruit training or other "in-your-face" experience designed to break cadets and then rebuild them! We do a lot of work regarding leadership and within the inspection phase of the camp, individual Q&A can become intense. When finished, we talk and laugh and understand it is just a tool and a way to learn much about yourself. However, at all times cadets are told they can stop anything they are not comfortable with and of course can go directly to the senior staff with any problems, ideas or complaints, anytime! We listen to them and handle their concerns with confidentiality and trust, just like you would. They tell us everything and we appreciate their trust in us.

What are the clothing requirements for the NDC?
A complete clothing list with both required and suggested items is provided within the downloaded paperwork each registered camper will maintain on their password-accessed site in mid-January and a basic list is found on the event website year-round .

What are the laundry needs and requirements?
Bedding is provided by the NDC camp, as well as bath towels and other related items. Since largely shorts and t-shits are the UOD, packing is somewhat of a breeze! Specifics on these items will be included within the downloaded NDC paperwork.

When is bedtime and when do the camper get up?
For complete information on these and other related areas, please review the NDC Camp Schedule located on your NDC site homepage. I will say that we sleep quickly because we love to train and learn and have fun. They will come home tired and that is exactly what we like!

Do the cadets need spending money at camp?
No, it is not REQUIRED. The money you provide in tuition covers all expenses. However, when cadets are on-campus during their free time, should they wish to purchase campus souvenirs or between meal snacks or other items, they would need to utilize their own money. Additionally, there is a secure facility maintained within the camp office in the dorm for valuables. Cadets should keep no more than a few dollars in there rooms if they wish. Larger sums of money for shopping should be maintained in an individual envelope in the camp office. Cadets will have access to this money prior to a trip out of camp. Please do not send a lot of money. Neither Sports Network International, the Nationals Drill Camp, nor any venue can be held responsible for any loss of money or personal property.

Your National Drill Camp website is pretty basic? Why so bland?
The SNIYF does the vast majority of the website work in-house (like ALL OF IT!). While we are EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD at running events and have been doing this for over 38 consecutive years, our knowledge about web site development with the latest technologies is somewhat limited! Our site is designed to provide information and answer questions and we think it does a very good job at that. People should look BEHIND the flashy graphics of a website to decide where to trust the safety and security of their children. Also, many people that attend the SNI events still utilize slower connections that often "choke" under the weight of some of the newer, flash-graphic intensive front pages sported by many web sites. So what our site lacks in style, it makes up for in substance! Bottom line - the person coding this website is writing from the heart as I will also be on-site at the camp!

What about attendees with Special Needs?
Due to the complexities of administering a broad-based drill camp, a prospective cadet camper who may have severe physical, emotional or other limitation/restriction that might require an adjustment to the physical, educational or recreational program will likely not be able to be accommodated at the Nationals Drill Camp. The types of limitations that require advance notice include, but are not limited to: dietary restrictions (religious or otherwise), visual, auditory, mobility impairments and emotional and psychological impairments or other needs for program modification or adaptive equipment or special medical needs. That said, we have had many cadets attend our camp that were turned away from similar camps. We ensure medicines are taken on-time and without issue. We reserve the right to determine whether or not we can adequately meet the needs of any applicant and to decline the registration of any individual when deemed appropriate. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

Our role in the maintenance of your child's health is to continue whatever programs have been established by you and your physician. If at any time during the NDC there is a change or question about your child's health, our Health Staff will be in immediate contact, no matter where you live.

Parents, you will be called in the event of an illness or injury and will be able to speak with your child. Rest assured, that we, as senior staff and parents ourselves, are very conservative when it comes to these matters. If there is ANY question, we are off for an x-ray or a specialist. These actions will be made with your input. Know also, that the Directors are involved in all of these decisions. Health matters are handled privately. Please be open with us so that we can do our best job for your child. If you have questions about your child's health, treatment or medications, please contact the senior staff immediately. We all have the same objective...a healthy, happy summer for your child.

What is the cell-phone policy during camp?
Cadets these days generally have cell phones and we strongly encourage those with phones to bring them to camp, especially those flying to camp. For those being picked up and dropped off, the need for a cell phone is largely gone. Our policy on cell phones is that campers should not have these on when training, but are welcome to have them in the morning or evening when training for the day has ended. Those wishing to obtain low-cost cellular service may look at Tracfone. Several campers have used this service and it works great!

No mail service is available to cadets of the NDC. Also, while Sports Network has internet service available for emails and other business communications, it is not available by the cadet campers. Cadets will however have ample opportunity each day to retrieve any messages sent to personal cellular phones. Urgent messages can be delivered by cell phone or by contacting the camp director Sports Network International through the contact information provided. Cadets will be far too busy for any internet usage but we will receive emails on our corporate phones carried by staff for urgent messages 24 hours a day.

Medication of any type (over the counter or prescription) must be sent with your cadet to camp and a Medication Form must be submitted before camp begins. All medication must be in its original container. Cadets will be responsible to address their medicine needs on-site in partnership with SNI staff members.

How are roommates assigned?
Roommates are computer assigned according to age and gender. Your child may request a specific roommate as long as the roommate also requests your child. You may want to contact your desired roommates' parents in advance to be sure they agree with the assignment.

Several friends want to attend together. Can they all room together?
Dorm rooms will only accommodate two campers. With enough advance notice, we can put the additional friends in adjacent dorm rooms (but not in the same room).


What are the medical requirements to enroll? How in shape do I need to be?
Full disclosure of all medical conditions and current medication needs is required. Please read below for more details. Regarding the physical staus of every cadet, the NDC is a hands-on learning environment. Therefore we are very busy throughout the day learning military drill. While there is a good bit of cerevral book learning, the bulk of the day is spent DOING! Therefore, we march a lot for practice and work hard each day. You will be tired every day. If you find yourself having trouble getting through a day of JROTC drill practice, you should consider whether the effort you will need here for seven days will be too much for you.

What medical forms are required?
All campers must have the MEDICATION FORM (part of Section 5 paperwork of the Drill Camp Binder - which is received by email after registering) completed and received at Sports Network International no later than at minimum two weeks prior to the start of camp. Fax completed forms to 386/274-1255 or e-mail to We must have a Medication Form on file with each medication listed. All prescription medication must be in its original container with the camper's name, Doctor's name and telephone number on it. Be sure to supply enough medication for the summer. (Syringes must be included with allergy serum.) Independent use of inhalers will be determined on an individual basis. If you child does rely on an inhaler, send an extra one as well. A small pack to hold it is a good idea too.

What if my child is sick just before camp?
IMPORTANT: Please notify the Directors if your child is exposed to any communicable disease during the three weeks prior to camp attendance. If your child is not feeling well on opening day and has a temperature, virus, etc., please call the Directors immediately. Together, we will decide how to proceed.


How can I get an application to enroll?
All NDC application, information distribution and enrollment begins on-line by reading and downloading camp information. Cadets and Instructors are encouraged to begin at the Nationals Drill Camp - General Package Cost Information

What is required for enrollment?
Just a deposit of $100 holds your space in the Nationals Drill Camp. Registration is done by downloading, completing and submitting by faxing/mail/email the Camp Registration Form for Cadets or Instructors and then calling SNI to use any major credit card or by mailing a check to Sports Network International at the Daytona Beach, Florida address found here in the contact information form.

I am a relative and I want to help pay my grand son/daughter camp tuition?
Well, aren't you KIND! Relatives and other interested individuals can add funds to the account of any individual attendee easily through the on-line system established for the NDC. It is a secure transaction and extremely effortless to do. Please go to the DONATIONS link to handle this task.

What is the last day we can enroll to attend the NDC?
The Nationals Drill Camp has a first-come, first-served admission policy. That is, we accept cadets and JROTC Instructors throughout the year for the summer camp. However, when the limited entry spaces are gone, no further applications may be taken. No attendees can be enrolled within 14 days from the start of the camp under any circumstances.

How is the food?
We provide healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have lots of options and know what kids like to eat and drink. Past campers will gladly attest that the food was tasty, plentiful and filling!

Cancellations & Refunds
For complete details regarding the Cancellations and Refunds policies of the National Drill Camp, please review the General Payment & Refund Information page.

Site & Credit Card Security
Your personal information, including credit card payments, is protected by industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Our processing site is certified by Verisign, the leading provider of online trust services. We also DO NOT HOLD any credit card numbers on file in any manner - when your payment is complete, your credit card information is destroyed.

Privacy Policy
SNI maintains a strict privacy policy with all information provided by attending individuals at all SNI events. Your information will not be shared or sold to anyone, ever! For greater details, please read through the complete SNI Privacy Policy.

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