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People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

- Dale Carnegie

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Learn About the Many Things We Do For Fun and Team Building at the NDC

Every evening, the National Drill Camp will feature a camp activity that will provide a fun ending to a long, hard day of drill emersion! These activities will vary every day, but every one will provide team building and relaxing interaction between cadets and instructors.

OPENING NIGHT: The first night of the camp, cadets are placed into their platoons and provided time to get to know each other and build their team unity through several team building activities specially designed for the NDC.

BBQ PICNIC NIGHT: An informal night to laugh, joke, play and learn with the campers and the instructors. The event is held on the camp grounds and will give every cadet a chance to mingle, play some team rec games and freestyle a bit in a relaxed atmosphere. Cadets can sit around and shoot the breeze and talk about common issues they face or get busy with or without a rifle! This night is a big camp favorite.

CAMP MOVIE NIGHT: One night in the middle of the week, cadets are taken to an on-campus location as we will show them an appropriately-themed movie or more likely several movie segments. This movie generally is watched in teams with a multi-page questionnaire as a type of "Where's Waldo" competition between the platoons. It is always very well received by the cadets and is a high point of the week!

CAMP ATHLETICS NIGHT: Cadets will be given the opportunity to display their platoon pride and compete against the other platoons in several games and activities. These team building exercises will also play a part in crowning the "Best All-Around Platoon". It has proven to be both fun and exciting for all attendees!

CLOSING NIGHT AWARDS DINNER: will be the featured end-of-camp activity. Cadet campers will have a nice meal in a collared-shirt and long pants environment (or they may wear their JROTC uniform if they wish). The evening will feature great food and lively conversation to recap some of the best moments of the entire camp experience. Awards will be given to all attending cadets. Parents are welcome to attend and costs to attend this dinner can be found within the cadets package materials.

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