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NDC Official Conduct Guidelines In accordance to our commitment to training and respect, we believe that it is important that NDC campers act in a respectful manner towards each other and themselves as well. This camp is not designed as a "boot camp" or any type of maximum security camp because parents should ensure that only well motivated, well disciplined youngsters are allowed by them to attend. Adequate supervision for any well-behaved 14-18 year old JROTC cadets and all cadets are expected to be trusted to follow basic directions for their safety and security, as well as the safety and security of the other NDC campers and staff members.

As this camp will maintain both JROTC cadets and instructors, we cannot imagine a situation where ANY of these conduct rules would come into play. JROTC students in general have exceptionally solid conduct and those that would desire to be a part of the Nationals Drill Camp will likely be a cut above that lofty standard! However, to ensure that the policy of the NDC is both fair and clear for all, they have been outlined within this document to ensure every attendee is aware of what conduct will not be tolerated. To date, only one cadet has ever been dismissed from camp early for disciplinary reasons.

A camper may be removed immediately from camp, placed under billet restriction or subject to other disciplinary action when the camper:

  1. Engages in conduct that includes but is not limited to:
    1. Disorderly, intentionally causing disruption to the camp community, or recklessly creating a risk, by fighting, intimidating (bullying) or engaging in violent behavior; making unreasonable noise; abuse verbal or physical; or
    2. Disruptive, disrespectful, defiant or dishonest behavior such as excessive arguing, use of foul language/gestures, lying or cheating; or
    3. Insubordinate behavior, failing to comply with an NDC staff member; use of telephone in or out of camp without permission; leaving camp property at any time other than for organized camp trip; unauthorized leaving of the group on a camp trip; or
    4. Behavior that results in the destruction or defacement of camp property, camp facilities, staff member or other camper’s property; or
    5. Trespassing in inappropriate or unsupervised areas; or
    6. Invasion of privacy, i.e. going through another person’s property; or
    7. Sexual harassment; or
    8. Any other conduct deemed unacceptable by camp administration.

  1. Endangers the safety, health or welfare of others by any act that includes but is not limited to:
    1. Using profane, vulgar or abusive language (including ethnic or sexual slurs); or
    2. Raiding, i.e. presence in the opposite sex sleeping quarters at any time of the day/night; or
    3. Theft; or
    4. Smoking in billet areas or other areas deemed off-limits to smoking; or
    5. Gambling; or
    6. Sexual relations or physical contact with another person (opposite or same sex);
    7. Selling, using or possessing: alcohol, drugs, (prescription* or over-the-counter), other controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, fireworks, other dangerous instruments or contraband, or any obscene materials to include inappropriate web surfing on a personal or camp computer; or
    8. Possession of a weapon, firearm, martial arts weapon, or threatening another person with any object intended to inflict bodily harm; or
    9. Making threatening statements which cause another individual to be fearful of bodily harm or personal danger or threatening remarks about the camp in general which compromise the safety of the camp community; or
    10. Any other action deemed unacceptable by camp administration.

    Inappropriate actions of NDC campers will be handled in the following progressive fashion:
    1. Staff member will intervene immediately and discuss possible solutions to the problem with the camper.
    2. Camp staff, camp director, and camper will discuss solutions to the problem.
    3. (at this point and beyond, the Camp Directors are personally involved in all disciplinary actions.).
    4. Phone call to parents/guardian concerning the problem.
    5. Camper is confined to billet for a timeframe to be determined as appropriate by the NDC staff.
    6. Camper is sent home (any expense will be borne by the attendee - no refund will be provided for any/all camp fees).

Staff members reserve the right to remove any camper for severe behavior infractions of any kind. All decisions of the NDC staff are final and not subject to appeal or refund. If the camper’s actions are severe enough, the earlier stages of the behavior intervention and consequences may be disregarded at the sole discretion of the NDC staff. As stated previously, it is hard to imagine the type of solid citizens that this camp will attract having a problem, therefore we do not foresee issues of the types outlined above being an issue at the Nationals Drill Camp.

*For details on the medication/medicine policy, please review the Camp Frequently Asked Questions from the main page under the "For The Parents" Section of the website.

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