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All Nationals Drill Camp cadets are assigned to rooms in Cochrane Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech. The hall is a multi-story unit that maintains excellent security and very clean. The dorm has laundry available on the first floor. They offer "Laundry Web" to reserve a washer or dryer. All machines accept coins. The dorm will serve as as excellent home for our campers and cadre during their week long stay. We generally DO NOT HASVE TIME for the cadets to do laundry so we ask all cadets to bring sufficient clothes to last the week but these items provide a nice insurance policy just in case of the unexpected!

The dorm has two study lounges which will be used by instructors for their evening classes as well as cadets on occasion. Vending machines for late night snacks are also available. We will use multiple floors with the cadet split by gender - separated by floor with chaperoning plentiful for both males and females.

Virginia Tech ROTC

Here is a link from the VaTech Website about the dorm with a picture of the exterior of the facility and a detailed verbal description of the room layout. The suite-stype room layput makes for an awesome experience for the cdets. Here is an even BETTER website with pictures and descriptions of the inside of Cochrane Hall. As this is a female dorm during the school year, we are blessed that it is often kept CLEANER than the all-male dorms on campus (sorry fellas, truth hurts!)

Practice areas and the chow hall are located within easy marching distance. With the dorm in the hills of Virginia, we are blessed that evening temperatures will be moderate and easy to have the windows open and have an evening of fresh air when the day is done.

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