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General Information About the NDC
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A Look at the History and Background of the NDC
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Detailed Information About the Senior Instructors at the NDC

Despite hosting this inaugural drill camp in the Summer of 2007, there is already an extensive history that we are quite proud of at Sports Network International. As the Camp Manager, SNI worked extremely hard for several years to organize the hundreds of details required to put forth the type of camp that we would be proud of.

After discussions with countless instructors and other individuals involved within the JROTC drill world for almost 18 months, it was obvious that a camp of this nature would be welcomed with open arms. There was nothing being held that we were aware of that laser-focused on just the competition aspects of military drill. Cadets from across the country were often "trapped" in programs that shunned drill as a function of JROTC. This camp was designed for cadets of all levels to hone their skills and peak their interest in the art of drill.

A site was chosen that could provide the secure sleeping facilities, classroom and drill areas, as well as provide other logistical and recreational needs for a camp of this scope. After considering dozens of fine facilities, Texas A&M University was chosen. The overall support and illustrious history of the famous Corps of Cadets provided to be the deciding factor that tipped the scales toward this central Texas venue. Numerous Corps of Cadets students will be a part of the Nationals Drill Camp in a cadre capacity, providing supervision, guidance and limited instruction to the attendees.

The curriculum and the instructors were the next facet to tackle. Originally, SNI believed that it may be difficult to ask some of the finest, most dedicated instructors to volunteer a week of their time to teach at the NDC. We severely misjudged the motivation of these people as we have received interest from DOZENS of extremely qualified instructors from across the United States. We then sought out specific instructors with specialized knowledge (members of the King's Guard drill team from Hawaii, etc.). Overall, we were overjoyed at the level of professionalism and proficiency that the NDC instructors will maintain.

The curriculum has been a painstaking detailed effort but will be greatly appreciated by every attending cadet as it is outstanding! The depth and breath of the instruction that is planned is something that will make the National Drill Camp something the attendees will marvel at. Gleaning information and training materials from each of the four services, the NDC will be an excellent training ground for anyone looking for in-depth instruction into the making of a drill champion.

As the Nationals Drill Camp has gotten closer to fruition, it has been noticed by influential individuals within the military JROTC command centers. In fact, despite the severe budget cuts that now face every JROTC headquarters, the NDC is being looked at as a supplemental instruction camp for both experienced cadets in line for leadership positions and new-hire JROTC instructors with limited drill experience. We welcome the involvement and contributions these JROTC HQ's have made and will continue to make as all understand the positive effects of any well run drill & ceremony unit within every well rounded JROTC program.

With a complete camp under our belts since 2007, we received tremendously detailed feedback from the cadets, the instructors and our own life experiences that will undoubtedly make the future Nationals Drill Camp experience even better if that is possible!

2009 brought forth the advent of the Eastern Drill Camp in Millersburg, Kentucky. The camp moved to Riverside Military Academy in Georgia in 2010 and was very well received. In 2014, the Nationals Drill Camp was held at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. SNI then began to move much of the training and education aspects of their company to their newly formed 501-c-3 not-for-profit company, the Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation in later 2011. The SNIYF is always looking for just the right location to expand this amazing week of learning.

The NDC gives 24-hour-per-day emersion into competition drill for the entire week and past cadets can attest that the camp is something of a "fantasy camp" for all true drill & ceremony lovers. As the NDC evolves, more and more details on the background and history will be posted here. The Nationals Drill Camp continues to provide the finest gathering of military drill knowledge and expertise ever assembled. The future NDC events will be historic as the camp continues to grow both in stature and size from its humble beginnings of roughly 80 brave cadets and drill instructors looking to improve their craft!

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