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Below you will find the senior instructors who annually teach at the Nationals Drill Camp. While schedules vary and some instructors cannot be in attendance every year, these individuals listed below represent the "Cream of the Crop" when it comes to military training of young cadets and JROTC instructors alike are are a great sample of the caliber of people brought to work with cadets and instructors. While it makes little business sense to have so many qualified individuals in one camp, IT MAKES GOOD DRILL SENSE to have so many people with such varied drill backgrounds and all-service affiliations to give each cadet attending the most well-rounded experience possible. These are accomplished individuals in and out of the drill world and all are to be THANKES IMMENSELY for taking a week out of their Summer to give back to the cadets not fortunate enough to be a part of their JROTC programs all year! We are both honored and proud to present these individuals to our camp attendees. Each will bring a strong presence and knowledge base for cadets and instructor camp attendees alike. While this list may change, we take great pride in bringing innovative, knowledgeable and exciting instructors to give the cadets and drill instructors attending the camp a great experience!

1stSgt. Borghese
1stSgt. (Ret.) Christopher Borghese

1stSgt. Christopher Borghese began his Marine career in 1984 at Parris Island Recruit Depot as a wide-eyed recruit. 1stSgt. Borghese went on to serve two tours as a Drill Instructor at Parris Island, quickly earning honors for his hard work and results. During his 1st tour, 1stSgt. Borghese taught both recruits and junior Drill Instructors as well. This gave him a very solid background into the work he brings annually to the Nationals drill camp. During his 2nd tour as a Senior Drill Instructor, he was able to win three of four Final Drill competitions and was named Series Gunnery Sergeant before being selected as the Chief Instructor for the Sr. Drill Instructor Developmental Course. During his 14-months in charge, 1stSgt. Borghese trained 130 DI's to become Senior DI's. Other drill duties during his career included Squadron Color Guard for all drill ceremonies while stationed in Japan, as well as Marine Corps directed inspections while stationed in Indiana.

Because of this unparalleled background and engaging personality, 1stSgt. attended the 1998 Nationals and has returned for over ten straight years. 1stSgt served as the NHSDTC Head Judge from 2005-2008. He has since worked with both Ben Davis H.S. and Flour Bluff H.S. helping to bring to them multiple National Championship banners at the National High School Drill Team Championships. In 2012, 1stSgt. Borghese was one of the 13 original inductees into the National Drill Hall of Fame for his efforts to continually promote the sport of competitive drill. Currently, 1stSgt. Borghese heads up a company that continues to work with JROTC programs, bringing drill training to the school level. Rarely can you find someone with a drill background while active duty combined with such lofty accomplishment in the competition drill arena while retired. His classes and practical instruction are legendary and highly sought after by attendees every year.

1SG Mike Jones spent over 20 years as an Infantryman serving mostly in Reconnaissance Units, 1SG Jones has served in every position possible as a Drill Sergeant, including DS and SDS at A 1/50 IN, Fort Benning, Georgia, DSL and SDSL at the Fort Benning Drill Sergeant School and Chief Instructor at the USADSS at Fort Jackson, SC. 1SG Jones has also been a Judge and Head Judge at the National High School Drill Team Championships for 10 years. Immediately after retirement, 1SG Jones began working with several units helping to train them in the art and science of competition drill. He caught the bug and was hooked. Intensity of purpose and understanding the focus and benefits that drill provides on and off the competition floor are aspects that make his work with young men and women special. His detailed and practical knowledge of the Army TC 3-21.5 Drill Manual, along with such a deep knowledge of actually judging at the National level continues to give 1SG Jones the finest perspective on what judges THINK and how they act and react - a rare commodity in the world held by nobody else in the drill world.

Currently 1SG Jones is involved in numerous activities here at SNI but most importantly he will serve as the military liaison for judging, client contact and special projects involving sponsors and assets related to the U.S. military. He has a deep understanding of the role co-curricular activities play within the well-rounded JROTC program from all services. His passion for excellence and his total love and respect for the goals and ideals of JROTC makes his efforts here at SNI exceptionally valuable. He is very in tune with youngsters and he works well with groups looking to gain insight and experience from his decades of practical hands on knowledge. He has seen much on the drill field over the years and that background and experience makes him an invaluable member of the Nationals Drill Camp team.

1SG Mike Jones
1SG (Ret.) Mike Jones

MSG Badia
MSG (Ret.) Lawrence Badia

MSG (Ret.) Lawrence Badia is a native of Long Island, New York and entered the Army in November 1977. He served for 21 years as a military policeman and combat medic. MSG Badia served his last 12 years in the United States Army Recruiting Command, with assignments in New York, Ft. Rucker, Alabama and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This gave him a fantastic ability to relate to young men and women, and he is easily one of the camp favorites for both the content and manner of his instruction. His attention to detail and exacting nature served him well in the regular Army and it has led him to national prominence in his transition to JROTC excellence.

Since September 1998 immediately upon his retirement, MSG Badia started working at Francis Lewis High School in Queens, New York. MSG Badia took over the Armed Drill Team at that time and has taken a relatively unknown inner city drill unit with no real connection to the military closer and closer to the top at the National High School Drill Team Championships, finally winning the Demilitarized Arms Division Overall Championship in 2009 and several times since! The Patriot Guard Armed drill team continued to improve and currently maintains the unquestioned status as one of the finest drill programs from any service in the Eastern United States. He pushes leadership and motivation and loves a challenge. More importantly, he instills these items in all of those who work with him. MSG Badia believes in hard work and total dedication, and his teams personify this philosophy every year win or lose. He loves imparting this philosophy at the NDC and has done so now as one of the most valued instructors who has attended every camp since they began in 2007. "MSG" is without parallel in his love of the kids and his passion for competition drill.

MSgt Ybarra has been a valued member of the SNIYF team for many years, serving as the most experienced and most knowledgeable Air Force evaluator in exhibition drill, as well as providing solid judging in all facets of the National High School Drill Team Championships. MSgt Ybarra, a well-known Ceremonial Guardsman, has over thirty years of complex weapons handling experience. Foy H. Moody High School NJROTC drill team in Corpus Christi, Texas began his love of drill, resulting in being the only freshman named to the 1983 Trojan Guard marching fourteen. So yes, he is not just a teacher, he is a performer. Because of this, he understands and can work with the cadets on a level few can match! He enlisted in July of 1988, served 24 years in the Air Force Engineer career field and was selected to five extensive special duty assignments to four honor guard programs.

MSgt Ybarra's JROTC and Honor Guard experiences are key to his passion and love for all things drill. They remain the catalysts to his ceaseless involvement with thousands or cadets across our nation. He founded, trained and mentored drill team programs at Vandenberg AFB, CA, Lackland AFB, TX and Contingency Operation Base Adder, Iraq. His biggest talent remains not only his ability to build proper skills for solid execution, but the mental toughness and "honor guard mentality" needed to excel at the top levels in all events. MSgt Ybarra began Drill Warrior University which has been a huge benefit to the greater drill community. As a part of this fantastic initiative, he develops and hosts several military drill competitions for soloists and duets throughout his home state of Texas. He has been asked to attend and judge such items in other states as far away as Hawaii! These meets often tie in with the famous World Drill Championship Qualifyer Series. While he is proficient in all forms of drill, his passion remains exhibition drill. MSgt. Ybarra lights up and works tirelessly with the cadets during this high flying part of the NDC.

MSgt. Herman Ybarra
MSgt. (Ret.) Herman "Yogi" Ybarra

Paul Naki
Mr. Paul Naki

Mr. Paul Naki remains the world's most recognized leader in military exhibition drill education & training. Beginning his drill career as a cadet on the powerful and legendary McKinley High School drill team in Honolulu, Hawaii in the late 1970's, Mr. Naki developed a bold style that stood out among the elite on the island. Brash and talented, Mr. Naki later joined the preeminent King's Guard drill team (the most prestigious and well known drill program on the island at the time). His extensive training and background in drill with McKinley allowed him to move quickly through the rigorous King's Guard training program in a matter of days, versus the standard multi-week time frame. His performances were legendary, blending a power and grace heretofor unseen in the drill world. A slight man, his ability to move a rifle with such precision and power was almost not believeable. Spending over 15 years as an active performer on the guards, Mr. Naki tested out and was granted the earned status of Master Dtiller (NOTE: some have used this title loosely but within the islands of Hawaii, this is earned often through decades of effort).

Mr. Naki has become synonymous with this famous performance unit. His work in all aspects of exhibition drill and what he has and continues to give back to current drillers has become legendary. Recently, after over 40 years of service, Mr. Naki made the painful decision to decommission the King's Guard from active service in 2014. Modest and soft-spoken, Mr. Naki provides safety training for JROTC instructors and exhibition drill direction across Oahu and annually takes time to give back to the cadets of the NDC to provide his invaluable lessons and experiences. Mr. Naki is the finest amabassador of the drill world anyone has ever seen. You will be rivoted to his words and actions. We are HONORED he continues to come back to the NDC annually! Enjoy this video preview of the King's Guard filmed for the ECHO DVD set several years ago.

MSgt Ken Madden was born at Mitchel Field in Long Island, New York and entered the Air Force in July 1971. In January, 1975 he was selected as a Military Training Instructor (MTI), soon earning a Master MTI designation (top 10% of the MTI corps). In January 1978 he was selected as an AETC Master Instructor. Highlighting his lengthy and distinguished 15-year MTI career included Squadron Military Drill & Ceremonies NCO, Asst. Superintendent Basic Training Standardization Evaluation Team and 3723rd and the 331st Basic Training Superintendent. This level of proficiency is rarely if ever seen within the ranks of JROTC instructors of any service.

He started AFJROTC instruction in July 1996 at small Elkins H.S. in Missouri City, Texas. His work there transformed a team from mediocrity to excellence literally overnight, gaining top finishes in both regulation and exhibition events. He soon moved to the big city taking his talents to legendary John Jay H.S. in San Antonio, Texas in 1998. Jay during this time was always in the hunt for both the AF National drill championships (winning several) and top finishes at the National High School Drill Tean Championships. In 2008, he began a new challenge, helping to launch the brand new AFJROTC program at Brandeis High School across town in San Antonio. This unit in just a few short years has gone from having no cadets will drill experience to being in the top few slots of National prominance annually, quickly moving this new unit into the championship spotlight. His teams have earned over 15 state championships from three different high schools (with an unprecedented 7 in a row from John Jay H.S.) from two different states. He has previously been selected to travel to Singapore to teach the National Cadet Corps cadets unarmed exhibition drill, head up the inaugural Air Force National Championships steering committee and in May, 2008 he competed in the World Drill Championships competition. Most recently, MSgt. Madden was inducted into the National Drill Hall of Fame for his lifetime achievements on the drill floor.

MSgt Madden
MSgt. (Ret.) Ken Madden

1SG Jim Tadayeski is a native of Upstate New York and entered the U.S. Army in February of 1980. He attended Basic Training and Military Police Advance Individual Training at Fort McClellan, Alabama. His military education includes Basic Noncommissioned Officers, Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course, First Sergeants Course, Battle Staff NCO Course and Master Fitness Trainers Course. He also attended Air Assault and Airborne School. In short, he has the amazingly wide and deep background to have seen it all. He brings that weaslth of experience to make all aspects of the camp better, often giving suggestions on improvement year-round! 1SG "T" has held every leadership position from Team Leader to First Sergeant. He is also a graduate of the US Army Drill Sergeant School where upon graduation he held a three year tour as a Drill Sergeant at Fort McClellan, Alabama. His assignments include three tours of duty in Germany as well as numerous stateside assignments to include the prestigious 3d US Infantry (The Old Guard).

1SG "T" is currently the JROTC Army Instructor at Grant High School in Dry Prong, Louisiana, making a huge difference in the lives of many young people and their families. His program is very small in a small town but he annually dominates schools many times his size, capturing both his state championship and the prestigious Army championships on numerous occasions. He is always "in the hunt" at the NHSDTC event despite having the smallest school in the Masters Level of the competition every year! His knowledge and skills are unparalleled as he is the "go to guy" for many across the nation for Army information, regulations qand interpretation. He is an original member of the NDC instruction team and has contributed so much to what we see every year. In the meat & potatoes world of competition drill, 1SG remains the gold standard!

1SG Jim Tadayeski
1SG (Ret.) Jim Tadayeski

Our entire staff consists of highly trained cadre and instructors, selected for their experience in drill, as well as their ability to work with young people in an uplifting manner. Our camp personnel have a strong desire to train youth and expose them to military drill in a positive intense manner. The staff-to-camper ratio is among the lowest in the country.

Instructors will work with cadet cadre from top level JROTC programs to assist in training and mentoring all cadet campers. Working with both JROTC instructors and youngsters from high caliber, nationally recognized programs, these instructors and their students will provide a safe and effective environment for every cadet to hone their craft. With background checks and personal knowledge of each instructor, this camp will provide a safe and effective learning environment for all attendees.

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