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Explaining the Structure and Level of Supervision at the NDC
Detailed Breakout of the Attendee Conduct Expected at the NDC
Details on How You Can Sponsor the Camp or Provide Funds for a Specific Cadet Directly with the NDC
Full Details on the MANY Frequently Asked Questions we Get at the NDC
The Listing of What to Bring and NOT to Bring to the NDC
Do you want to...

Help a family member or friend registered to attend the NDC?

Donate to a specific school's camper(s) as an alumnus?

Make a financial donation to one or more deserving at-risk campers?

Regardless of your motivation, BELOW is the best place to get money in the hands of a deserving NDC camper!

The Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation has set-up this site to assist those individuals wishing to supply financial assistance to a Nationals Drill Camp attendee. This help may come from a supportive aunt, uncle, brother or other relative.

Others looking to donate may be an individual who has become very successful in their post-high school career and now look back fondly on their JROTC memories. This would generate either a donation to help campers from a specific school OR a donation to allow SNI to select a motivated, deserving, financially limited at-risk camper to be a part of his or her dream to attend the Nationals Drill Camp.

In the spaces below, simply select the type of donation you are seeking to make (EXISTING CAMPER or SCHOOL DONATION or AT-RISK CAMPER). When you click on the "DONATE" logo, you will go directly to the donation screen.

To pay with a credit card, simply click on the small link at the bottom center of the page that reads, "Don't have a PayPal account? CLICK HERE". If you wish to donate from a PayPal Account, please click on the prominent link in the middle of the page. In either case, please proceed through the donation screen and don't forget to list the cadet name and/or school name if these donation details are important to you within the message box you will receive.

If you wish to confirm the receipt of your donation by SNI, along with confirming the correct placement of your donation, you should email the Nationals Drill Camp from the NDC Contact Information Page.

Thank you so much for your interest and support of the Nationals Drill Camp. Your involvement will help to make it possible for a deserving JROTC cadet to live out their dream at this once-in-a-lifetime activity.


Please do not forget to provide
the cadet name and
cadet school if possible.

Please do not forget to provide
the school name and
school city/state if possible.

Please ensure you provide any
information on the donation
you would like considered.

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