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The basis for a strong supervisory program begins with identifying the overall goals for solid cadre supervision. Effective supervision is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of any camp experience. Without adequate, involved supervision, a safe environment cannot be established. Without a safe camp, nothing can be accomplished of any relevancy! The NDC hosted by the non-profit Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation. We belief it is a priviledge to attend a camp of this magnitude and we treat all attendees with the same care and concern they would have were that at home!

The Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation is fortunate in that the individuals who are choosing to attend the Nationals Drill Camp, as well as those choosing to teach and supervise, all have a common love of military drill! This commonality of purpose lends itself to few if any difficulties regarding conduct problems - easily the largest matter many camps must face when speaking of cadet camper safety. This, along with a 1 to 8 camper-to-instructor ratio makes this one of the best supervised camps available anywhere.

Numbers alone do not provide a valuable measure on why the Nationals Drill Camp takes supervision so seriously. Our camp directors have children of their own and understand as any parent would what is expected when watching your children. Our camp sets an expectation that positive resolution to problems will be the norm. Within the military atmosphere that surrounds this camp, personal accountability is the earmark of all camp staff and will be the basis all camp attendees will maintain as well. Throughout the course of each day, our directors use the age-old technique called MBWA (management by walking around). This technique calls for relaxed observation, positive presence, and enthusiasm for cadet campers and staff. Nothing substitutes for the director being available, visiting various activities, and providing positive constructive feedback to staff. This provides an atmosphere that cadet campers will feel comfortable within. Daily assessment and oversight of staff will accurately and impartially assess of the current supervisory techniques to ensure areas of improvement are addressed immediately. Isolating the areas for improvement and addressing them on-site will generate a strong supervision system that will support the camp’s mission of safety while creating better communication within the camp community.

Time is short during the camp days and problems will be resolved fairly, quickly and effectively. The Drill Camp policy is to be as proactive as possible when dealing with camp issues. Few areas have a zero-tolerance policy as this often does not take into consideration factors which may be relevant to a logical correction in any situation. Our directors and staff will get to the bottom of any issue that presents itself and then resolve the issue immediately. Our goal is to handle common discipline problems with the intent of effecting the needed outcome while preserving cadet camper integrity and dignity as much as possible. Many camps pride themselves on their open-door policy, but our camp directors will be available on-site 24 hours a day! We will be involved daily in all aspects of the camp and the cadet campers will become familiar with seeing us and interacting with us. Doing this will ensure each cadet camper has no hesitation or misgivings about bringing issues to our attention immediately, day or night.

At the end of each day, the camp will maintain a short assembly and then a team building activity. This may be a display of items learned during the day, a group movie or other team-building activity. This will also allow supervisors to get a read and monitor the overall well-being of the cadet campers. This evening assembly will provide supervisors with a broad overview of cadet camper dynamics.

While most camps maintain younger high school age staffers exclusively, the Nationals Drill Camp uses a mixture of active duty JROTC instructors, other adults from the camp organizer Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation, and recently graduated college entry cadets. Between this group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable leaders, many decades of military drill experience exist. The "wise old heads" bring a seasoned, steady influence to the camp supervisors and will provide an unparalleled mix for the overall benefit of the National Drill Camp cadets. The overall benefit to the cadet campers will be a creative and happy cadet camper who will look favorably on their camp experiences long after their drill camp days are behind them.

A specific list of camp regulations which parallels the goals and philosophies outlined on this website will be mailed to every attendee in advance of attending the National Drill Camp. This listing will be required reading and will be signed and agreed to by every cadet camper before attending. Doing this will ensure every cadet camper understands what will be expected of them in regard to proper conduct while at the National Drill Camp.

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