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Regardless of how you travel to the NDC, it is important that you know a few simple things. First, you entire camp experience depends on you GETTING TO THE CAMP SAFELY! If you are driving yourself or having others take you, please drive safely and take breaks during your trip to reduce the chance of fatigue!

Second, please ensure you book your travel into and out of camp on the correct days and at times that will allow you to enjoy your experience. Cadets should plan if at all possible to arrive at the NDC no later than 4pm local time. This will give you the chance to attend the opening night dinner, as well as the activities and discussions that occur that evening to get to know your fellow camper a bit before we hit the ground running the next day.

When departing, cadets can leave very late Friday night but we strongly advise against that! Friday night is the last night to do things with the campers and every cadet has stated they loved their Friday night experiences. On a Saturday departure, understand that ground shuttle service times will dictate what flights may be available for your travel. Campers should try to leave in the mid-morning timeframe (before noon) to ensure that weather or any flight cancellations will allow re-booking on another flight that same day. Those departing by car need to be picked up before noon.

Traveling by car to either location poses several obvious advantages, the largest likely being a reduced cost to attend as well as the ability to easily transport your drill rifle to the camp if you choose to bring it. If traveling by air, please ensure you understand the airlines policy on additional baggage fees, as well as costs and restrictions on transporting your non-functional drill rifle. Make sure to call the airline to ask what their policies are regarding your weapon.

Travel Information on the Nationals Drill Camp

Virginia teach in Blacksburg, Virginia is outside Roanoke (roughly 40 miles). It is easy to get to via car, airplane or bus with major highway travel from throughout the entire state of Virginia and of course the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport.

Attendees flying into Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (ROA) (35 minutes from camp) should keep in mind that you will need to pay an additional round-trip shuttle service fee for the service. To book this shuttle, you can contact and pay Sports Network Int'l. Please click HERE to see the many airlines that fly into Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

If you wish to get assistance on making your flight arrangements / airline tickets, you can contact our official travel center for the Western NDC, Noel's A&M Travel listed below.

If you wish to book travel yourself, I have found the best rates and service on-line on Orbitz and on the individual airline websites. NOTE: Check with Noel's A&M Travel Services (listed below) BEFORE booking non-refundable travel - the often find great deals!

Sports Network works with a travel agency that has an impeccable reputation and can ensure all of your travel needs are handled without issue. It is not required that you book any travel or transportation through them, but we recommend contacting them if you need any of these services for problem-free attendance. The name of the company is Noel's A&M Travel at 979/846-8881, and anyone there can assist.

For bus travel, there is but one national source for ground travel coast-to-coast and that is Greyhound. They serve areas across the nation including College Station/Bryan, Texas (home of the NDC).

Here are very detailed directions to the Virginia Tech campus via every major form of transportation

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