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Welcome to all Nationals Drill Camp JROTC Cadets & Instructors:
As an officer of both the Training and Education Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation and Sports Network International, Inc., I would like to welcome you to the Nationals Drill Camp. The 2007 inaugural camp was an overwhelming success. Scores of glowing thank you letters and other positive feedback did nothing but ensure the staff was geared up and psyched for an even better camps in the future and they have simply been amazing! The Nationals Drill Camp is the equivalent of a dream come true for many youngsters and even many JROTC instructors! To be totally immersed in all aspects of drill for a week surrounded by other like-minded cadets from across the United States has been the best Junior ROTC experience for nearly every past attendee. Learning from many of the greatest competition drill minds with detailed instruction to exacting standards laid out through the military manuals, the Nationals Drill Camp has become known for the excellence and fun it produces! The Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation takes great pride in offering numerous training and educational opportunities involving many areas of sports. The 501-c-3 foundation believes the NDC can make the activity of competition drill more fun, more safe, and more positive for all involved! It remains a huge honor to continue to design and execute this amazing drill camp!

To prepare for the NDC, the SNIYF has developed a very comprehensive NDC Folder which you will receive via mail, after your registration has been confirmed, to prepare for your attendance. This folder includes all of the information necessary for you to attend and have a wonderful experience at the upcoming National Drill Camp. This paperwork may seem a bit overwhelming, but hopefully the Section-by-Section break-down and Table of Contents will help to keep you organized and informed in advance of attending this once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is a Paperwork Checklist which specifies all of the necessary paperwork and when it must be sent in to us. These forms also note when SNI will be sending out follow-up information between now and the camp.

Every cadet and instructor should come to the NDC with a thirst to leave with a more well-rounded knowledge. While we look forward to allowing you to emphasize specific areas of interest, our goal is more importantly to provide you with a greater proficiency and understanding in all of the many details it takes to strive for greatness within the diverse aspects of basic and exhibition events that comprise any well-rounded drill program.

I hope that your lofty expectations of the Nationals Drill Camp will be met and exceeded when you actually experience this camp. Your experience at the NDC should aid you greatly in improving not only yourself, but your entire JROTC program. This improved success should facilitate an overall better JROTC experience for both you and your peers.

We at the SNIYF are looking forward to seeing you for this exciting week of military drill excellence. Please feel free to call, email or write should you have any questions or comments. I wish every one of you good health and good luck.

Samantha Ste.Claire
Samantha Ste. Claire
Chief Executive Officer - Sports Network International

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