This is the invitation for your youth football cheer squad to be a part of the
most exciting youth cheerleading competition in the world at the..

National Youth
Cheerleading Championships

Friday, November 26th, 2004 - Thanksgiving Friday

Daytona Beach, Florida - Las Vegas, Nevada

This invitation contains information regarding the National Youth Football Cheerleading Championships. Specific details not covered on this internet site can be obtained by calling Sports Network International at 386/274-1919

To the Cheer Coach / Team Manager:
The National Youth Football Championships (NYFC) will be held in both Las Vegas, Nevada & Daytona Beach, Florida. The NYFC remains the largest, most exciting gathering of young football & cheerleading athletes in North America. The NYFC is a sports vacation holiday for the whole family featuring a three-day, two-game football tournament, as well as an exciting one-day youth cheerleading championship. This invitation is extended to all youth cheerleading squads and dance teams looking to attend the National Youth Football Cheerleading Championships.

The NYFC Cheerleading Championships should include over many fine cheer squads from across the United States & Canada. While the Eastern Division rarely has space available for cheer squads who do not attend the event with a football team, the Western Division does invite "stand-alone" cheer squads and encourage all squads from across the United States to attend the Western Cheer event - with or without an accompanying football squad.

This invitation is designed to give you all of the necessary information to decide to make your group a part of this spectacular fall classic football and cheerleading event. Specific questions may be addressed by contacting SNI in advance of registering to attend the event. The NYFC is produced by Event Manager Sports Network International (SNI) of Daytona Beach, Florida. SNI is the nation's most respected Event Management company involved in youth sports.

The NYFC Cheerleading Championships
The NYCC will be held in the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach and the Cashman Auditorium in Las Vegas on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Both venues maintain indoor seating for over 1,500 people, a large stage with great sound and lighting. The Western Division NYCC judges will be from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas cheerleading squad & dance team. The Eastern Division NYCC judges will be from the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneer Swash-Buc-Lers cheerleaders. Football games are scheduled to allow cheer squads time to cheer at their team's games and also compete at the NYCC.

Separate age divisions will compete in the categories of Spirit, Dance, and Pyramid. Cheer squads may enter any or all events. First, second and third place team trophies are awarded as well as one overall trophy within each age division. Trophies will be awarded immediately after the competition. A complete information package including a sample score sheet will be sent to all cheerleading coaches upon their registration into the NYCC event.

Competition Times
Cheer squads will be given a time schedule permitting them to both compete and to cheer at their games. It is the sole responsibility of the cheer coach to get to the Auditorium on time. These times will be given to the Cheer Coach during Event Registration.

Age Requirements
The competition age of each cheerleader is the age the cheerleader will be on the day of the competition. SNI requires each squad to list the ages of each competitor in advance on the official NYCC roster. The maximum age for cheerleaders is 16 (as of the date of the competition).

Roster Requirements
This is not an all-star competition - cheer squads must be teams who performed together throughout the youth football season. SNI does not require that all cheerleaders on your regular season squad make the trip to the NYCC. Several squad members may not be able to attend due to injuries, family commitments, etc. Each squad must have a minimum of 5 cheerleaders to perform with no maximum limit.

Competition Specifications
The NYCC will have three separate competition categories in which each squad is eligible to compete. These categories are: Spirit (cheers or chants); Dance (musical routine); and Pyramid (mounts).

The Formation of the NYCC Cheer Competition Divisions
The NYFC is designed to give everyone a fantastic holiday experience that includes youth football & cheerleading. This event is NOT designed solely to find the best youth cheer squad in the nation! This event has thrived due to the great people who have chosen to come and end their season with a fun, memorable competition! Doing your best is what the NYFC Cheerleading Competition is all about! This is the main reason why the NYFC has grown to its present status as the world's finest post-season youth athletic event.

All cheerleader squads in the competition must have a minimum of five cheerleaders (not including mascots). There is no maximum limitation. All competing cheer squads in the NYCC will be assigned to one of several Divisions following their submission of the NYCC Roster Form. Assigning squads to competition divisions is made by the Cheerleading Committee, based on the Average Team Age of girls on the squad roster (not including mascots). For example, a nine-girl squad has six girls 8 years of age, one girl 9 years of age, and two girls 11 years of age. Their Average Team Age is 8.77.

If a team has "mascot" cheerleaders, they are encouraged to perform with the squad at the NYCC. Mascots are not scored by judges either pro or con during the competition; therefore mascots who are extra cute get no plus team points and mascots who are nervous or unsure and make mistakes are assessed no minus points. No more than 2 mascots are allowed on stage at any one time.

Illegal Movements
The following items are considered illegal movements at the NYCC. Teams who violate any of these rules may receive a zero on their score sheet for the affected segment.

  1. Pyramids are legal so long as anyone not on the ground is supported ONLY by individuals who ARE on the ground! (thus, two tiers only).
  2. No thrown or flip mounts, dismounts or basket toss movements are permitted (basket CATCH is permitted).
  3. "Spotters" are required during any portion of the routine that you feel should involve spotters (such as pyramids). SNI does not provide spotters for the NYCC competition. It is up to the squad's Cheer Coach to design all routines with safety utmost in mind!
The NYFC Team Package Plan
Cheer squads who travel to a post-season competition can often be disappointed, making the trip memorable for all the wrong reasons! The NYCC is an exciting holiday cheer event that is designed to ensure the entire weekend goes smoothly. To eliminate problems, keep costs down, maintain event quality and provide adequate youth supervision, SNI has developed the NYFC Team Package Plans. By using this plan, attendees are provided with a complete vacation package that includes treasured NYFC mementos and first class cheerleading events, as well as clean, basic, family style hotel rooms --- all at a very reasonable cost.

The Hotel Team Package Plan includes:

Fee Payments & Deadlines
The Registration Fee for the NYFC is just $50 per team. Contact SNI immeidately to receive an invitation for your squad to attend the NYFC Cheerleading Championships. The registration form & fee should be mailed to SNI and made payable to Sports Network International.

The NYFC Team Package Plan

We encourage you to discuss the NYCC with squads in your area and distribute SNI's number so they may receive their own invitation. Please feel free to call me with any questions you have. The National Youth Cheerleading Championships annually give selected teams and their followers a justifiable reward for a long season of hard work. We hope you will become a part of this fantastic youth weekend! Remember, to receive your own invitation to attend this competition, contact SNI at you earliest convenience!

Cordially Yours,

Sharron Ritch,

Las Vegas Cheerleading Coordinator

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