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2018 Navy Nationals
SOP Update/Clarification Page

Below are the event update/clarifications that have been implemented since
the initial posting of all event materials. These items listed below are found
in inverse chronological order to their date of implementation.

It could shape your
JROTC career forever

#1 - 01 September 2017: Update Page Set-up, Initial Items Posted
The website has been set with SOP and Scoresheets. Floor Diagrams remain unchanged from past years and are posted as well. Other items will be added in the coming months with the School Folder and other later needed items coming online NLT December 10th.

#2 - 22 March 2018: Clarification on Starting Draw Procedures
This update is provided to clarify the startiong draw matrix for the Navy Nationals. As each area supplies NJROTC HQ with "rankings for the included schools, the draw for the navy Nationals is done as follows: The teams that are ranked FIRST from each area are drawn FIRST and are assured of gaining the latest UPI competition slots. THEN the previous champion and the team that went FIRST in UPI the previous year are drawn to ensure they do not go in the later HALF of the competition field. THEN all of the 2nd seeds are randomly drawn and placed into the schedule. Then any 3rd or subsequent finisers are drawn. Please remember for fairness, those schools gaining the most optimum (latest) UPI draw will have the EARLIEST draw average for all of their four drill events the following day. Navy NJROTC HQ and SNI believe this maintains a solid balance of fairness to provide all teams a fair shot at gaining the overall championship while recognizing and rewarding excellence to earn a more premium draw slot.

Thank You,
Justin Gates, Competition Director
Team Sports Network

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