"I have devoted my entire life to kids from my youth at summer recreation centers, on to becoming a teacher, a coach and multi-sport official, and then dedicating my entire adult life to promoting sports for kids. The SNIYF allows me to give back on a national scale in a way I could not previously."
- Justin Gates
President & COO, SNIYF

Established July, 2012
Federal ID #45-3086273
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The Most Revolutionary Way to Organize your Team, League, or Organization. Completely Scalable Written on the Windows Platform.
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The history of the SNIYF is simple, interesting and easy to understand as it follows the same pattern as so many other successful start-up companies - seeing a need and designing a solution to that need. The future of the SNIYF is seemingly just as simple and literally without boundaries.

For over 25 years, Sports Network International (SNI) has remained a leader in special event management for young athletes. Their services include both hosting their own events, as well as being asked to host events for others. Their services provided to attendees is legendary as their employees would routinely get into the minds of the players, coaches and other league administrators serving millions of youngsters across the country. They heard their problems, pitfalls and successes After many years, they began to see issues that appeared common to many of these administrators. At that point in 2010, plans began to emerge to provide a bigger solution to these well-meaning, hard working but often overwhelmed volunteers.

So in later 2010, the decision was made to put together a small cluster of people who wanted to make a permanent, lasting difference in the world of youth sports. The group put their talents together and hired a very talented freelance programmer who has written code for Apple, Microsoft and other tech heavyweights. The group spent months designing and redesigning the system to be scalable, secure, intuitive and simple to both use and administer. The system would be a version one system that would be easily modified to add features later as the system was expanded to maintain new innovative features. This scalable computer program would initially be test driven in partnership with SNI with their massive client list to serve as the registration system for their large events. The main function was to serve as an interactive database to allow teams to register for event on-line, as well as both download, submit and track their event paperwork status, along with making payments and tracking those same payments on a password protected site custom designed for the teams! This system was very useful but largely unspectacular in the eyes of the SNIYF staff BUT THE CLIENTS LOVED IT AND RAVED ABOUT IT! The teams could keep themselves organized in a way unlike any other event registration software available at the time...and the best features of the system were yet to be implemented!

After nearly a full year of use, by early Spring of 2012, the system was well received. With such an overwhelming positive account, very soon after the group decided to incorporate and begin their dream in earnest! By mid 2012, the Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation was officially formed as a corporation through the Federal and State governments in Nevada and also licensed to work in Florida. During this short time, the SNIYF has not only provided massive educational opportunities to youth organizations around the nation, as well as thousands of dollars in academic scholarships to deserving student-athletes, but the MySchool/Myteam database has become a growth engine we plan to expand as the version two machine enters the modern era in very late 2013/early 2014.

The company has quickly doubled the personnel devoted to handling the influx of interest and additional growth is quickly showing on the horizon. The backbone support needed to make this company an on-going success is just begining to crest. After just a short period of time, it is aparent to our founders that we just may have struck a need that is being fulfilled!

The future of the SNIYF thanks to the innovative MySchool/MyTeam website is bright and full of yet-to-be-explored opportunities. While we make no plan to unveil specifically ALL of the features the software will maintain in the next version, we will release some concepts and items we look to tackle on the MySchool/MyTeam web page.

We continue to listen to the clients and look to the features that will best allow those working with the SNIYF to stay connected and to better service THEIR clients. The professionalism and organization this system displays to the parents and city officials who often oversee these programs is making waves in a good way - a way that can ride the wave to success quickly and successfully as we move forward to many yet-to-be-explored opportunities.

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