"I have devoted my entire life to kids from my youth at summer recreation centers, on to becoming a teacher, a coach and multi-sport official, and then dedicating my entire adult life to promoting sports for kids. The SNIYF allows me to give back on a national scale in a way I could not previously."
- Justin Gates
President & COO, SNIYF

Established July, 2012
Federal ID #45-3086273
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Obviously, with a general concept of helping kids involve themselves in better, safer and more organized sporting events and leagues, the opportunity to partner with groups across the country is viable!

For over 25 years, Sports Network International (SNI) has remained a leader in special event management for young athletes. Their services include both hosting their own events, as well as being asked to host events for others. Their services provided to attendees is legendary as their employees would routinely get into the minds of the players, coaches and other league administrators serving millions of youngsters across the country. They were the initial driving force to look at doing something that was revolutionary and greater than simply having a clinic or two and calling it a day.

Because of their early involvement and their background in youth sports. they were the first outside entity that we approached to work with on the concept of the SNIYF. To say their involvement has been positive is simply not enough! The SNIYF quickly took over all of the training, education and safety items that were ancillary to the SNI mission. This provided a perfect fit for the 501-c-3 mission and status of this hard-charging group. The SNIYF began hosting the Jean Weil Scholarship, an annual multi-thousand dollar scholarship award to the finest JROTC cadetS attending the prestigious and season-ending National High School Drill Team Championships in May each year. The SNIYF then became active within the training & educational media produced for young drillers through the production of the Best of Series military drill training videos. These 3, 120-minute DVDs provide young drillers with proper technique and performance skills to better prepare themselves and their units for the rigors of competition drill. The largest area of training in this area involves the numerous football and JROTC drill clinics and training sessions hosted by the SNIYF. The largest and most well-respected currently involves the Nationals Drill Camp. This camp brings together many of the most hard working and deserving youngsters from the world of JROTC drill for a solid week of intense drill training in areas focused in leadership, safety and skill development. The camp is DESIGNED to ensure these youngsters have the background to train their peers and even their instructors when they return home.

SNI began discussions recently with national leader USA Football about different avenues and opportunities that can increase educational clinics for players, coaches and parents, along with using the MyTeam Database on a National scale to register teams for future plans maintained through these two companies. SNI has been invaluable in these areas, allowing full contact and interaction both behind the scenes and out front dealing with the clients as it pertains to the educational materials, on-site clinics that are often held at their events, scholarship opportunities, and of course, implementing the MyTeam/MySchool Database into all of their events to showcase it's capabilities.


Currently, the big push remains discussions with large independent sports leagues and JROTC districts who feel they can benefit from the simplicity, the convenience and the power the MyTeam Database provides. With current school district spending slashed, the MySchool Database side of the equation faces strong head winds for the foreseeable future but with hundreds of teams using the database to attend SNI National competitions, we believe their familiarity with translate into monetized usage for all of the athletic teams at their school in sufficient numbers.

The future of the SNIYF, thanks to the innovative MySchool/MyTeam website and the areas of direct involvement with tomorrows leaders remains bright and full of yet-to-be-explored opportunities. While we make no plans to unveil specifically ALL of the features the software and the direction the software will maintain in the next version, we will release some concepts and items we look to tackle on the MySchool/MyTeam web page.

We continue to listen to the clients and look to the features that will best allow those working with the SNIYF to stay connected and to better service THEIR clients. The professionalism and organization this system displays to the parents and city officials who often oversee these programs is making waves in a good way - a way that can ride the wave to success quickly and successfully as we move forward to many yet-to-be-explored opportunities.

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