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Parking at Texas A&M University is a good news / bad news situation. THOSE WHO ARE SIMPLY DROPPING OFF AND PICKING UP CADETS DO NOT NEED A PARKING PASS! You will simply be dropping off at the building labled "SCCI" next to Short Street on the map, walk inside for a minute, and then departing will not need a pass. You will have your car in the side lane directly outside the Corps of Cadets Center (SCCI Building) with flashers on. Those who need parking for just a few hours during any day or evening (for campus sightseeing or a more extended stay) OR FOR THE CLOSING DINNER ON FRIDAY NIGHT, please park in the parking garage that is nearest to the Corps of Cadets Center (University Center Garage).

Parking DOES HOWEVER affect anyone who plans on bringing a car to campus during the entire camp (instructors, camp cadre, etc.). Fortunately as stated, parking is free in most spaces we would ever need during the NDC on nights and on weekends. Therefore, parents and instructors attending the camp to drop off or pick-up their cadets OR who are attending the closing night dinner is not affected by these issues as these activities generally happen in the evening and/or on the weekend (again, make sure not to park in a "24 hour enforcement" lot.

To see a great Summer Camp parking map, go to the TAMU Maps Page for s great Night & Weekend Parking Map and other great campus maps.
(NOTE: The Corps of Cadets Resident Halls are found on the lower part of the map just to the right of center - in blue 40a, b,c,d and SSG garage are all allowed for our parking

Getting a pass to park for the week can be a bit of a process and it could take you 2 business days to finalize! For the Nationals Drill Camp, we recommend all campers with passenger vehicles of standard size (no buses, huge vans, or attached trailers) park in the Southside Garage. Those with oversized vehicles, trailers or buses/RVs should park in the unnumbered spaces within LOT 40d. This is because all camp activities and dining is done in and around the Corps of Cadets Residence Halls Parking in these areas are the closest to these areas.

A parking pass for the entire week is very reasonable and costs are outlined below.

To get a pass, follow these steps:
1. Go to the main TAMU Summer Camp Parking website. You will see all parking pass purchases happen from the "My Account" website.

2. Click on the "MY ACCOUNT" link. You will have a screen with several choices. Go to the far right area for "Visitors, Contractors, Vendors, SSC/Chartwells Employees and all others login below". That is our camp!

3. IF YOU GAINED A TAMU PARKING PASS LAST YEAR: YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT. You are MOST LIKELY still in their system. Use your email address as the ID and the last four digits of your drivers licence as the password and try to enter. This should log you on again this year...IF THIS DOES NOT WORK...click on the link to resend your password.

4. IF YOU HAVE NEVER OBTAINED A TAMU PARKING PASS (or if the above procedure does not work): YOU WILL NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT. In the BOTTOM of this area, click on the small print link: "Request a Login ID for non-affiliates". Fill out the ensuing page and in less than 24 hours, you will be mailed a Logon ID and Password. Then you can enter that on this page and continue with the instructions below.

5. WHEN READY TO LOG IN WITH CORRECT ID AND PASSWORD: Go to the "MY ACCOUNT" page, put in your ID (your email address you used to get an account) and the password sent by TAMU (likely, the last 4 digits of your driver's licence), and the transportation services page will open.

6. On the LEFT SIDE of the page about half way down, you will see "Purchase Permits" - click on this.

7. Use the pull down under "Chose a Permit Type" to get the "SUMMER WEEKLY PERMIT (select the week of the camp) NO REFUND". Agree to their Terms & Conditions by clicking AGREE.

8. Tell them HOW you will pay (check or credit card) and then click OK again

9. Provide to TAMU the start date of the camp and click submit.

10. You will then agree to everything and input the payment information...credit card or check. You then again click submit.

11. You then get a final screen that you MUST click to agree to and from here. When this goes through as completed payment, you then get your Parking Pass Receipt on the screen. Print this receipt and display unobstructed on your dashboard as a one week permit for use on the designated date. Vehicles with this permit displayed may park in lots shown on the Break/Summer map (includes West Campus Garage). It is NOT VALID IN HOURLY VISITOR PARKING AREAS or the Northside, Central Campus or University Center Garages at any time. For questions call 979-862-7275.

1. Garage parking is no longer free in the evenings - it has a nominal cost.

2, When you park your car, make sure NONE of your wheels are outside the lines or frankly even on the lines of a parking space! The TAMU parking Nazi's make a living off this.

3. Make sure you are NOT in a reserved (numbered) space and certainly not in a handicapped space.

4. While the campus is EXTREMELY safe, use common sense and lock your doors and keep valuable out of sight.

5. It can get extremely HOT during the day at TAMU so think about slightly cracking your windows.

6. Please observe all speed limits on campus at all times.

7. Under no circumstances may ANY vehicle drive into the dorm areas for any reason.

8. If you have ANY questions, please call their campus parking people in advance for a clarification (979-862-7275)

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