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Paul Naki
Mr. Paul Naki

The Paul Naki Scholarship was begun many years ago and was begun to provide a small amount of support to drillers from programs looking to bring multiple cadets to the NDC. The scholarship is named after the legendary Mr. Paul Naki, world-class drillman, Drill Hall of Fame inductee and founder of the legendary King's Guard Drill Team from Honolulu, Hawaii. Mr. Naki for years has both attended the NDC as a guest instructor and has contributed several thousand dollars directly to the cadets to better allow a fortunate number of cadets to have a small piece of assistance in attending the camp. To learn more about Mr. Naki, please read about him on the National Drill Hall of Fame website. His work continues the legacy of drill excellence around the globe for drillers of all ages.

To qualify for the Paul Naki Scholarship, the applicant must be a cadet attendee and generally these awards are only considered from students attending the camp with two or more cadets from the same school. The scholarship is heavily needs based as the main criteria. The scholarships are small (generally 50 to 100 dollars) and therefore only cover a small part of the tuition costs to attend. CADETS SHOULD NOT COUNT ON RECEIVING THIS SCHOLARSHIP TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE EVENT.

Those cadets who meet the above criteria and seek the Paul Naki Scholarship may contact the NDC via email as outlined below. Unfortunately, these awards are in limited supply. To gain one of these awards, a cadet should be prepared to send an email to the NDC stating: 1) Their request to seek a Paul Naki Scholarship Award, 2)Their financial need; 3) What steps you have taken to raise the funds needed to attend on your own (contacted VFW, AmVets, your JROTC/cadetting program, school principal, etc.) and what your success has been; 4) What attending the NDC would do for you, as well as; 5) How your attendance would benefit your entire program.

We are honored to have Mr. Paul Naki and the King's Guard be a part of the Nationals Drill Camp and their legacy of education, safety and training lives on every Summer at the event!

Please send requests to:
Justin Gates, Competition Director
Nationals Drill Camp

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