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SOP Update/Clarification Page

Below are the Event Update/Clarifications that have been implemented into the coming NHSDTC since the initial posting of all event materials. These items listed below are found in inverse chronological order to their date of implementation. All schools are encouraged to download and prepare for these changes in advance.


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#1 - 1 September 2019: Initial Website Set-up
SOP Updates site established - Scoresheets Posted - Drill Floor Layouts Posted - SOP Posted - Good Luck to all Teams!

#2 - 03 January 2020: Major - Armed Regulation Sequence Change-Masters & Challenge
The Masters & Challenge Level Armed Regulation Sequence have undergone s small but significant change to the sequence in 2020. PLEASE ensure you download and review.

#3 - 09 January 2020: Mark Time Added - Proper Procedures for Max Scores
If the command, "Mark Time, March" is given on your scoresheet in either Regulation or Color Guard, execute the command for roughly 5 seconds to gain a best score for your efforts. Less than that, you rush a judge which usually causes them to "middle" a score. Go more than that, you bore a judge and they anger like the hulk! This timeframe is plenty to allow the judge to get a read on both your cadence and your foot angle (if any) and knee height to ensure compliance with your service manual. Forward MARCH command will then continue the sequence as written.

#7 - 20 April 2019: Slight Increase in Drill Area Size in One Drill Area
One drill area we were able to move back to 80' x 100' from the original 75' x 100' on Saturday. No entry way or judge positions have been changed so nothing you all have been doing will need to change at all. You can and should ALWAYS review carefully the drill floor diagrams that are posted on the NHSDTC website just to make SURE you are practicing everything correctly. Here is the direct link to the FLOOR DIAGRAMS.

As the event draws near, no further SOP updates/clarifications will be allowed on this site for the upcoming Nationals. NO NEED TO CHECK HERE FURTHER - THIS IS IT! Any other minor issues will be discussed at Event Registration before the competition begins.

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