All drill units looking to apply for entry into the unparalleled National High School Drill Team Championships do so on the MySchool Website. On this website, schools will select which drill competition they look to attend, enter their own school ID (generally the school email address) and their own password. Schools will then do all the items they USED to do on the downloaded registration form (school name, address, phone numbers, general team information, etc.).

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After reviewing videotapes, speaking with judges and looking at overall scoring, SNI frankly believe the Challenge Level is currently being populated by too many teams that do not belong in that competition division. As you may or may not be aware, SNI has been studying the school finishes and looking at overall drill talent in both the Challenge Level and Masters Level competitions for the last several years. After careful consideration, we have changed who qualifies for a Challenge Level competition slot, and who will no longer be eligible for a Challenge Level slot. This change will make the Challenge Level competition division much more like it was designed to be when the division was started well over a decade ago.

For school unfamiliar, there are two areas that have undergone a large shift from previous years when it comes to what schools/teams compete in what divisions:

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1) Schools that maintain a large number of FEMALE ARMED DRILLERS on a mixed male/female team will no longer AUTOMATICALLY register and attend the NHSDTC in the Challenge Level Competition Division. The Mixed Division of the NHSDTC is designed for those schools competing with 25% or greater females on the floor in all events (not including cadet commanders), REGARDLESS OF WHAT WEAPON THEY USE. This competition division is held during the Masters Level competition BUT THE OVERALL DRILL TALENT WITHIN THIS DIVISIONS IS ACTUALLY SLIGHTLY LOWER THAN THE CHALLENGE ARMED DIVISION. Therefore, armed teams that have registered to attend the NHSDTC with high numbers of female drillers will likely have their registration flagged and be asked to contact SNI to discuss your unit in greater detail to see if you are actually entered within the wrong division.

2) Established JROTC programs that have solid OVERALL finishes (generally top 5) in the Challenge Level competition (Armed or Unarmed) annually will no longer be eligible to AUTOMATICALLY remain within the Challenge Level event for repeated entries. This is a change that will affect a few schools who have programs that maintain solid finishes, yet have sought to remain within the Challenge Level competition year after year. The Challenge Level competition is primarily designed for newer, smaller and less competitive programs WHO WOULD LIKELY FINISH IN THE BOTTOM 10% OF SCHOOLS AT THE MASTERS LEVEL! What has happened in recent years is that our 4th-8th place Challenge teams would be finishing likely in mid-pack in Masters competition. They need to be moved OUT of the Challenge Level event and compete with schools more like themselves in the Masters Level of the competition. If there are 30 Masters Level teams in a competition division in the Masters Level, the winner of the Challenge event in that division should be around 31st best team in that group of entrants, not a team that could have finished 10th or so in Masters….and this is what has happened in the past few years.

Accepted units will be listed on the ACCEPTED SCHOOLS LISTING. The complete NHSDTC School Folder will be available on the website in mid-January.

IMPORTANT NOTE - ALL accepted MASTERS LEVEL SCHOOLS will receive ONE solo & ONE dual entry slot as a part of their standard entry. Schools who feel their cadet talent levels warrant a 2nd entry slot in either event will be granted these by SNI on a case-by-case basis.

For more detailed information regarding the school/team selection process for "The Nationals",
please feel free to visit the NHSDTC Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

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