National Youth
Football Championships

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Thanksgiving Weekend / Las Vegas, Nevada

Sports Network International would like to thank the many football teams that made themselves a part of the NYFC event. Win or lose, these teams deserve our praise. Those that attend understand the NYFC is designed to provide a weekend of fun for teams win or lose. It rewards the hard work and sacrifice the parents, players and coaches undertake since the Summer. We are annually honored to have so many fine organizations attend the NYFC from big cities and small communities found across the United States. We hope that their NYFC experience was something that gives every attendee positive lifetime memories to keep forever, win or lose.

The number of teams, the geographic spread and overall quality of those teams actually attending an event are the true measures of how "National" the scope of the tournament. Without question, the NYFC is the leader on all counts with over 250,000 past attendees from across North America. We are honored to post the results of the most recent event. While the NYFC is not and never has been solely about winning and losing, it is important to recognize those teams that have captured top finishes within their competition bracket. Congratulations to all teams and we hope everyone had a great time at the most recent NYFC event.

Below is an order of finish for the last NYFC competition. As the NYFC is a two-game
football tournament, five team divisions may have co-champions or co-runner-ups.

Division-Conference Football Team Name

8 Youth - National

National Champion Las Vegas Jr. Rebels / 1-2 Grade

Runner-up Aurora Cardinals

Participation DYFL Chargers

8-9 Youth - National

National Champion Simi Valley Vikings / Bantams

Runner-up Island Warriors / Prep

Participation Southeast T-Birds / Minors

8-9 Youth - American

National Champion Southwest Mustangs / Freshman

Runner-up Chandler Diablos / Mighty Mites

3rd Place Henderson Cowboys / Midgets

Participation Reseda Cowboys / Sr. Clinic

9 Youth - National

National Champion Phoenix Hoyas

Runner-up Delta Patriots / Starts

Participation Manteca Chargers

9 Youth - American

National Champion Palmdale Falcons / Jr. PeeWees

Runner-up East Anchorage Eagles / Mighty Mites

Participation Los Toros Bulls / Mitey Mites

9-10 Division - National

National Champion Chandler Diablos / Jr. PeeWees

Runner-up Las Vegas NYA Rebels / Jr. Clinic

3rd Place Pueblo Gators

Participation El Paso Red Raiders

9-10 Division - American

National Champion Woodland Wolfpack

Runner-up Las Vegas Falcons / 8-10 Yr Olds

3rd Place Casa Grande Scorchers / Jr. PeeWees

Participation Aurora Cougars

10-11 Division - National

National Champion Los Toros Bulls / Jr. PeeWees

Runner-up Reseda Cowboys / Gremlins

3rd Place Camarillo Cougars

Participation Imperial Beach Chiefs / Jr. PeeWees

11 Division - National

National Champion Williams Bengals

Runner-up Marana Broncos

Participation Cimarron Spartans / Collegiate

11 Division - American

National Champion Eastlake Panthers

Runner-up Solano Warriors / Jr. PeeWees

Participation Gilbert Dawgs

11 Division - Central

National Champion Henderson Cowboys / Minors

Runner-up A & R Central Hornets / 5th Grade

3rd Place Las Vegas Jaguars / 5-6 Grade

Participation Gallup Wolverines

11 Division - Heavy

National Champion Arizona Rebels

Runner-up Las Cruces Outlaws

Participation Henderson Red Raiders / Midgets

11-12 Division - National

National Champion Southeast T-Birds / Intermediates

Runner-up Bear Creek Warriors

Participation Island Warriors / Patriots

11-12 Division - American

National Champion Topeka Wolverines

Runner-up Spring Valley Grizzlies / 5-6 Grade

Participation South Dakota Warriors

11-12 Division - Central

National Champion Las Vegas Jr. Rebels / 5-6 Grade

National Champion Vacaville Bulldogs / PeeWees

Runner-up Alta Hawks

Participation Hunter Wolverines

Participation Smothers Academy Huskies / Juniors

12 Division - National

National Champion Vacaville Bengals / PeeWees

Runner-up Simi Valley Vikings / Juniors

Participation Reseda Cowboys / Mity Mites

12 Division - American

National Champion Chandler Diablos / PeeWees

Runner-up Highland Bulldogs / Jr. Midgets

Participation Pocatello Buccaneers

12 Division - Central

National Champion Northridge Knights

Runner-up Rio Rancho Rams

3rd Place Vacaville Bulldogs / Jr. Midgets

Participation Imperial Beach Chiefs / PeeWees

12 Division - Heavy

National Champion Snow Canyon Warriors

Runner-up Las Vegas Falcons / 10-12 Yr Olds

3rd Place Palmdale Falcons / Jr. Midgets

Participation Casa Grande Scorchers / PeeWees

13 Division - National

National Champion Vacaville Bengals / Jr. Midgets

Runner-up Chatsworth Chiefs

3rd Place Culver City Bruins / PeeWees

Participation East Anchorage Eagles / Jr. Midgets

13 Division - American

National Champion Cherry Creek Red Nation

Runner-up Las Vegas Jaguars / 7-8 Grade

Participation Casa Grande Cyclones

13 Division - Central

National Champion Bakersfield Patriots

Runner-up Reseda Cowboys / PeeWees

Participation Cimarron Spartans / Pro

13 Division - Heavy

National Champion Spring Valley Grizzlies / 7-8 Grade

Runner-up Palmdale Falcons / Midgets

Participation Calabasas Raiders

13-14 Division - National

National Champion Cibola Cougars

Runner-up Henderson Cowboys / Majors

3rd Place Smothers Academy Huskies / Varsity

Participation Bakersfield Bengals

13-14 Division - American

National Champion Wasatch Wolfpack

Runner-up Cheyenne Jr. Desert Shields

Runner-up Cimarron Spartans / Elite

Runner-up Southwest Mustangs / Varsity

Participation Washington Evolution

13-14 Division - Central

National Champion Twin City Steers

Runner-up Bakersfield Colts

3rd Place Kaysville Browns

Participation Island Warriors / Liberty

14 Division - National

National Champion Sue Cleveland Storm

Runner-up Gorman Jr. Gaels

3rd Place Papillion Monarchs

Participation A & R Central Hornets / 8th Grade

14 Division - American

National Champion Delta Patriots / Varsity

Runner-up Santa Barbara Chargers

3rd Place Alameda Pirates

Participation Las Vegas Falcons / 12-14 Yr Olds

14 Division - Central

National Champion Vacaville Bulldogs / Midgets

Runner-up Coolidge Bears

Participation Taylorsville Warriors

Senior Super Pro - National

National Champion Solano Warriors / Midgets

National Champion Manteca Cowboys

Participation Las Vegas NYA Rebels / PeeWees
               *Game was suspended - referees made improper judgement call on game termination, both teams remained undefeated, both were awarded championship trophy

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These results are updated immediately following the NYFC event by Justin Gates
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