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Marine Corps
National Drill Championships
SOP Updates / Clarification Page

Below are the event update/clarifications that have been implemented since
the initial posting of all event materials. These items listed below are found
in inverse chronological order to their date of implementation.

It could shape your
JROTC career forever

#1 - 13 March 2019: Update Page Set-up, Initial Items Posted
The website has been set with SOP, LOI, Scoresheets and Floor Diagrams. These documents are the MOST ESSENTIAL and have been rushed out the door to allow your unit max time to prepare. MOST aspects of this event (especially the drill sequences) are completely unchanged from your Regional competitions. The MySchool Website is up and running and accepting school information after schools register with SNI. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REVIEW EVERYTHING AND ASK QUESTIONS! We know you are working on very limited time and despite the incredibly short timeframe to prepare, we want to make sure there are no misunderstandings, Other less pressing items will be added in the coming week(s).

#2 - 13 March 2019: Facebook has Pictures/Video of the Competition Site
This is not an "update" but a point of emphasis. The USMC JROTC Drill Nationals Facebook Page has been established and provides some additional information that may be of benefit in preparing your unit. Mainly many pictures and videos from both inside and outside the building have been posted.

#3 - 14 March 2019: Awards Ceremony Logistics
The Awards Ceremony for the event will be held roughly 10 minutes AFTER the completion of the Knockout drills in the main area. Parents and other spectators will be seated in the fixed, raised seating area looking onto the competition floor. Cadets from the 16 competing schools will be assembled on the floor standing in formation in two groups of eight teams facing the spectators, in four columns per school. Their position will be fixed and assisted into place by SNI. Between these two groups and facing the cadets will be the trophies and the dias table with guest speaker & master of ceremonies. As stated within the SOP, the Awards Ceremony will be fast paced and exciting. The Keynote Speaker (to be determined) will be attending and facing the cadets. After their speech, trophies will be awarded in 1st-5th place in the 6 team events, as well as 1st-5th place in the Event Overall competition. Cadets will come forward TOWARDS the parents to the presentation area to receive their awards. Teams should send a single representative to receive their team award. The FIVE winners will be held together in each event for a group photo opportunity with the Keynote Speaker and then dismissed as a unit. NOTE: We STRONGLY encourage parents to move forward to the "wings" and even the "front" of the presentation area when their school called to gain a trophy for photos and video - don't be BASHFUL!

Thank You,
Justin Gates, Competition Director
Team Sports Network

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