Navy UP/DOWN Cadence File
*.MP3 format

Below you will find the UP/DOWN Cadence sound file that is used at the Navy Nationals Athletic competition during the push-up competition and the sit-up event. Simply click on the LOGO below to play or RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS to put the MP3 file on your hard drive.

This file is playable in most every computer audio player and most personal players as well. If you are looking to make a CD out of this to play on standard CD/DVD players, you will need to convert this file from an *.mp3 files to a *.wav file. The *.mp3 file cannot be posted due to it's huge file size (over 70 meg) but the compressed file is just over 4 meg.

I have created a link to a fantastic FREE mp3 to wav converter to assist in burning your own CD. JET AUDIO BASIC is the name and did I mention it is FREE! You can download it for no charge at or use the link HERE to go directly to that page (JET AUDIO BASIC is one of the top pieces listed). Remember, if this is too tough, find a cadet to do it! Work up to your knowledge base, not over it :)