Navy Nationals - Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions

Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions
Regarding the NJROTC Nationals
Academic, Athletic, and Drill Championships

QUESTION #1 - How Does Our Navy JROTC Unit Get Invited to Attend the NJROTC Nationals?
Every year, NJROTC Area Managers from across the country select units from within their many schools to participate in the NJROTC Nationals competition. This selection is based on many factors and is left to the sole discretion of the Area Manager. Schools who do not plan to attend the event are generally not selected to ensure that only willing and able teams make the trip and represent their Naval Area. Most areas utilize the unit inspections, as well as finishes at local and regional drill competitions against their peers to decide who will get the nod to attend the NJROTC Nationals.

QUESTION #2 - What Is The Per Cadet Team Package Plan All About?
In setting up the NJROTC Nationals, it was decided that the event should maintain certain extras that give the event more of a first-class atmosphere, as well as making the event better and more memorable for all participants. Rich or poor, city or suburbs, every school and every cadet attending is treated exactly the same.

The per cadet fee will allow the addition of many extras. These include:
   - a specially designed NJROTC Nationals event T-shirt
   - a custom medallion hung on a navy/gold chest ribbon
   - 8" x 10" color team photo
   - upgraded and expanded individual and team trophies
   - more comprehensive post event scoring packages
   - post event commendation certificates to all participating cadets

These extras will differentiate the NJROTC Nationals from other meets, as well as provide all deserving cadets with treasured mementos worthy of their attendance at the Navy's premiere JROTC competition.

QUESTION #3 - What About Parents, Chaperones, Instructors, etc.?
Your unit may have cadets and instructors, as well as chaperones and team followers (parents, other non-competing cadets) planning to attend. All on-base food is coordinated and fully explained within your Navy Nationals Team Folder.

If you have adult team followers not a part of the team that plan to stay at nearby hotels, your NJROTC Nationals Team Folder will have hotel names and phone numbers you can contact. Make these plans early as these properties tend to fill up rather quickly.

QUESTION #4 - We Want to Get a Ballpark Cost for the Trip -- What Items Should We Consider?
There are several factors that any school should consider when trying to estimate a cost to attend the NJROTC Nationals. Several of the most important things to consider are:

  1. Transportation
  2. Food
  3. Berthing
  4. the Team Package Costs
Transportation: Teams traveling from any great distance must decide whether they will drive or fly. If the team decides to fly, teams should consider flying into all nearby airports (to comparison shop prices). Teams that fly to the NJROTC Nationals must make arrangements for local transportation to and from the competition site. This can SOMETIMES be coordinated through the local Navy Area Manager in Pensacola. Before making any final transportation plans, a schools should speak with the local Area Manager to ensure their plans are workable.

Taking a bus (either charter or school bus) to the event has the advantage of generally being much less expensive and giving you total flexibility to control all of your own transportation needs. This is why many teams bus to the event from throughout the bulk of the country.

Food: Meals will be plentiful and reasonable, with a galley located just a few minutes walk from the bulk of the competition locations. Meal plans are available and are very reasonable for everyone with your group. As with any other facility, just off base near the hotels has more than its share of pizza and hamburger places! Also available are tons of family dinner chains, as well as cafeterias, etc. However, with on-base food available, going off-base to eat would be far more expensive.

Billeting: Attending schools will be making their own billeting arrangements. Very limited on-base billets are available therefore, most schools must gain hotel rooms to attend. SNI will list a few hotels in the greater NAS Pensacola area. Teams are welcome to use these hotels or any other accomodations they may find. Billeting costs and requirements should be covered with your local Area Manager to ensure your school can handle whatever costs or requirements are outlined for this housing.

Team Package Plan: Tangible items this will provide each cadet is the custom NJROTC Nationals T-shirt, ordered to size, and the custom NJROTC Nationals medallion hung on a blue/gold chest ribbon, a color 8" x 10" team photo; as well as personalized participation certificates presented to every competing cadet.

QUESTION #5 - We Still Have Questions -- What Should We Do?
Many individuals are available to help you, depending on your problem. If your question relates to the NJROTC Nationals competition events, meal plans, or other competition related items, your best bet is to contact at SNI (386/274-1919 or use the toll-free number listed within your School Folder). While SNI is not the final word on regulations or grey area interpretations, we can get the ball rolling to ensure you get the answer you seek in a timely manner.

If your question regards specifics about NAS Pensacola, local transportation to and from the closest competition airport, or other logistrical matters, your best bet is to contact the NAS Penscola local host Area Manager. Other related questions involving the overall event can best be directed to your local Area Manager and they will progress from that point to the correct area for a resolution.

QUESTION #6 - Why are the trophy placements not posted at the event during the competition or at least posted on the internet throughout the day of the competition?
Posting scores during the day makes the final trophy presentation that evening as boring as watching paint dry! If this meet were conducted as a "commuter meet", where schools drive-in, compete and then drive home that afternoon/evening, as a courtesy to these teams, posting scores helps them get an early start back home.

Since all schools stay in town Saturday night and are required to attend the awards ceremony that evening, not providing the results in advance makes the Awards Ceremony very exciting. In fact, several individuals who initially complained about not having the scores posted contacted us afterwards and stated the cadets had a much better time at the ceremony. Since the NJROTC Nationals event is FOR THE CADETS, this was welcome information.

QUESTION #7 - Where do you buy the gorgeous trophies that are presented at the NJROTC Nationals?
Sports Network International constructs by hand all of the trophies that are presented at the NJROTC Nationals event. The component parts are bought from one of several trophy part producers here in the United States, cut or otherwise modeled into the correct size and shape, and then assembled. Complete construction to including the plates that are a part of each trophy takes between 2-3 weeks. These trophies are among the most impressive available anywhere in youth sports today. Thanks for asking, but to get one you have to win at the Navy Nationals!

QUESTION #8 - We want to plan early --- when does the invitation and other important event rules and regulations become finalized and how can we get a copy of them? Also, why aren't they posted on the internet?
The essential items needed to begin practice (scoresheets, drill area layouts, athletic tables, LOI/SOP) are generally posted no later than September 1st, roughly seven months prior to the competition date. As final school selection does not occur until late February in most cases, the full Team Folder paperwork all competing teams must download are generally not available until mid-January. These items are best downloaded from the Paperwork HQ site for the Navy Nationals event.

Having these materials available on the web, all schools that are even "in the running" can get prepared and have in their possession a NJROTC National School Folder. This School Folder includes: scoresheets; rules/regs; transportation & berthing info; maps & schedules; galley information; as well as all other vital information needed to have a successful trip, both off and on the drill deck.

QUESTION #9 - Who selects the site for the competition every year?
NETC in Pensacola, Florida has the sole control over all of the logistical items involving the meet, to include the date, times and locations. While SNI does have a few restrictions as far as calender and geographic constraints, the involvement of Sports Network International does not play any part in these decisions. We have been brought in to handle the "paperwork" and other related items involved in running a large academic, athletic and drill competition.

QUESTION #10 - What items go into the selection of the host venue for the Navy Nationals event?
These items include:

  • Available and affordable billeting
  • Seating and affordable galley facilities
  • Qualified judges located nearby
  • A vast, indoor building to host the bulk of the competition
  • Major transportation access via air or ground to allow easy and affordable travel
  • Rich, cultural location that allows all cadets to benefit from the ability to visit museums, galleries, as well as military and non-military facilities that carry historical/social significance.

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