"The People That Devote Their Lives to the Betterment of Youngsters Deserve Great Praise & Respect;
They Get That Here At SNI"

- Samantha Ste.Claire
President & COO, SNI

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General Information About Sports Network International
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Homepage for the National Youth Football & Cheerleading Championships
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Homepage for Football, Cheer, JROTC Service Championships, Drill Camps, Raider and all things Military!
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Sports Network International, Inc. is located in Daytona Beach, Florida in the Eastern Time Zone in the USA (-5:00 GMT). The company is open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, many times, members of the team remain at work late into the evening and on weekends so do not be surprised if you catch someone here by phone if you call outside these standard business hours.

If you have looked through the event FAQ and simply can't find the specific answer you are seeking, or you just wish to discuss a topic by voice or electronic communications, SNI stands ready to assist. Also, please notice on most every webpage in this site, the LIVE CHAT feature is available in the top right corner of every page. Try this to gain INSTANT COMMUNICATION with the Competition Director, Justin Gates (NOTE: when off-line, if you click "live chat", an email will be sent directly to all members of the SNI Team.

Lastly, SNI uses many of the latest technologies with every principal member of the SNI Team. Emails are delivered via smartphone through the event and corporate email accounts. Those seeking a quick answer to a quick question are encouraged to shoot these electronically and see how quickly you get back an answer! This allows you to work on YOUR SCHEDULE to get answers to important questions....during parent or school board meetings, at competitions, or anyplace that is convienient to YOU! WE WORK FOR YOU HERE AT SNI, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

While our general contact information is listed at the bottom of most of the event web pages, this central location of contact information allows you to gain exactly what you are seeking with just one click! Please feel free to contact SNI and we will get you anything you need as soon as possible.

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