"I have devoted my entire life to kids from my youth at summer recreation centers, on to becoming a teacher, a coach and multi-sport official, and then dedicating my entire adult life to promoting sports for kids. The SNIYF allows me to give back on a national scale in a way I could not previously."
- Justin Gates
President & COO, SNIYF

Established July, 2012
Federal ID #45-3086273
What is the Mission of the SNIYF? What is the Day-to-Day Operations of the Company?
How Did the SNIYF Begin? What were the Original Ideals that Began the Foundation and What is the Future?
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Welcome to the homepage for the Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation. The SNIYF is a young, vibrant start-up company involved in many facets of youth sports but especially those involving teaching and training young athletes in safety, leadership and other positive traits that will carry with them a lifetime. The SNIYF is using human experience all the while bringing together youth participants an leagues across the national and the globe through our revolutionary MyTeam/MySchool Database System. It is our belief that youth sports provides the unique vehicle to better lifetime health, more close-knit neighborhoods, lower crime rates, and great racial harmony among other positives. The SNIYF has been created to assist coaches, teams, cadets and leagues across the country in making their groups better than they ever thought they could become through our hands-on involvement. This is done through numerous and varied actions to make your efforts better for participants, coaches and parents.

The SNIYF is the brainchild of people who have been involved with athletics their whole life. They understand the time pressures and the real needs teams and leagues have across the country. They understand the difficulty in learning in depth on a time-crunch. We think you will see having your youth sports league or your Junior ROTC unit work with the SNIYF team, you can receive so many benefits, you will wonder how you ever handled your duties any other way!


On the top of this page, you will see specific topics of focus regarding the SNIYF. From the thousands of dollars in educational scholarships made available annually, to the training & educational Best of Series military drill training videos produced, to the numerous on-site clinics and hands-on training seminars like the Nationals Drill Camp, the SNIYF wants to be "in the trenches" making a difference in the lives of youth. Each of these clickable links above will provide details into the primary areas of the company. We encourage all viewers to take a few moments to look through the entire site. For team and league administrators, for JROTC instructors and others involved in individual training, please pay special attention to the MyTeam/MySchool Database and how this revolutionary system can help power your program.

Thank you very much for your interest in the Sports Network Int'l Youth Foundation. We hope after reviewing our website you can share in our excitement in what the future of youth sports could be like with our support and our vision! If you have any questions or simply with to contact us to learn first-hand what the SNIYF can do for you please do not hesitate to call or email at your convenience!

Most Sincerely,

Justin Gates
President & COO, SNIYF
Ormond Beach, Florida / Las Vegas, Nevada

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